Hi Lovlies!

Well, well, well… this cleanser… is LIFE!

Im just going to jump straight in here, I usually find that any cleanser specifically formulated to combat breakouts or acne can be really harsh on the skin and leave you feeling completely stripped of all your natural oils. This cleanser however, leaves your skin feeling super soft, clean AF but still hydrated, I’m actually baffled as to how it’s so effective yet so gentle!


Lets face it, when it comes to spots the quote ‘beauty is pain’ often springs to mind. With spot treatments often stinging and feeling uncomfortable, but I feel like there is no need for that anymore. Technology, science and general understanding of what the skin really needs means we shouldn’t really have to suffer to have nice skin in 2018. Granted, I don’t suffer with proper acne, or I wouldn’t say I do anyway, but I was definitely suffering with random breakouts in places such as my cheeks and jaw, rather than just my T-zone which I found really frustrating and hard to get rid of. Even on a good day there would be at least two spots and it’s been this way for YEARS. Even in places where there was no actual pimple on the surface, you could still see under the surface marks and future spots and it was starting to really get on my nerves.

Eventually… after all this time I realised I really can’t complain about not having great skin when I don’t take the best care of it. I mean, it was only a few months ago I started to use an eye cream after being lectured about the importance of it at work! So, I decided to invest in a good skin care routine and see how I get on, and so far, so good!


The first thing on my list was this cleanser after speaking to people about it and reading reviews and I genuinely think that out of all the products I’m using at the moment this is the thing making the biggest difference.

Mario Badescu recommend to use the cleanser morning and night, but as my skin isn’t too bad, I use it on a night time and then my DHC olive oil cleanser in the morning. The cleanser contains Salicylic acid to clean deep into the pours and really breakdown blackheads/acne, extracts of chamomile, aloe vera, and thyme to soothe.


My fave thing about the packaging is the little spout that you squeeze the product from! It is so clean and easy, so much better than a lid, especially when its a cleanser that you are using when you’ve usually got wet hands.

To use, I take my makeup off first with micellar water, then wet my face with warm water, squeeze out out a pea sized amount of the cleanser and then massage it into my skin in circular motions. The product doesn’t foam up so you can open your eyes and see exactly where you’re working it in. After I’ve massaged it all in, I leave it to sit on my skin for a few mins so that all the ingredients have time to sink in, before washing it away with warm water.



Once I have dried my face my skin is SO soft and clean feeling, not tight or tingly/sore in the slightest. I follow up by using the Mario Badescu seaweed cleansing lotion, Pixi’s glow tonic toner, and then my Organically You avocado and rosehip facial balm to moisturise.

You can purchase the Acne Facial Cleanser here for £14

It’s a winner for me and I would 100% recommend this if you’re suffering with breakouts! Have you used this, or any other cleanser from Mari Badescu?

Love, Chelsea xxx


  1. The Aloe Lotion is also a great product from this brand if you have acne/blemish prone skin – when I used the product after cleansing the clarity of my face drastically improved.


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