Hi Lovelies!


Using this product made me laugh so much! I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed using this face mask, it was facinating! A few months ago photos of these bubble masks started to circulate the internet, but I never actually saw one in the stores. Then, last week a friend put up an Instastory using a bubble mask, it looked cool, hilarious, and her skin looked amazing afterwards – obviously I had to find out where she got it! I dropped her a message and to my surprise it was from the £1 shop!


I will admit, I was dubious at first. I have never heard of Beauty Formula’s before and I’ve had a few minor skin reactions recently to products from very well established brands, to no fault of their own, everyone’s skin reacts differently. But it still made me a little wary about trying a face mask from a brand Ive never heard of. Would it just be a fad? Something that looks cool but does nothing to your skin, or worse, ruins your skin for the sake of a bit of fun?!

Well, there was only one way to find out! The packaging lists the following benefits to the face mask;

  • Clean and clarify
  • Leave your skin feeling fresh and revitalised
  • The charcoal should hold onto excess oil and other impurities, to be washed away
  • Detoxify

Not too many claims, so there isn’t much to be disappointed about if the results aren’t show stopping! At only £1 you aren’t going to be losing sleep over it if the mask isn’t great, but the Anatomicals face masks are also £1-£1.50 and they are AMAZING, so I was still hoping for a good experience!


The packaging is super simple with straight forward instructions, take the sheet mask out, put on skin, leave for 15 mins. Simples. I cleansed my face first with the Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser (mine is a miniature) and then I slightly patted my face dry before putting the mask on.


As soon as the mask is exposed to air it starts to slowly develop bubbles both underneath the mask, and over the top! The feel of the bubbles underneath the mask is really quite nice, it doesn’t feel unpleasant at all, its kind of therapeutic as the bubbles form and pop under the mask!


It took around 1 min for the bubbles to start forming, and after 10 mins my face was COMPLETELY covered! I was only going to leave the mask on for the recommended 15 mins in fear that it might do more harm than good, if this mask was just a gimmick I could completely ruin my skin! I ended up having the mask on for 20 mins total… I applied it in the house on my own and by the time all the bubbled had formed it looked SO funny I wanted Jack to see it when he got home! So I hung on 5 mins so we could have a laugh about how I looked.


After the 20 mins I removed the mask, rinsed my face with warm water and patted dry. I followed up with my Pixi Glow Tonic, Sunday Riley CEO Rapid Flash Brightening Serum, and Rodial Snake Venom Moisturiser. I was quite impressed with the results! My skin actually looked really nourished and glowing. I waited about a week between trying this mask and writing a review, to make sure that I didn’t have a reaction or breakout to the mask – and I haven’t! If it was going to happen, it would have by now, but I saw nothing but positive results.


£1 mask – 100% recommend! Fun and effective, what more could you want?

Love, Chelsea xxx

Have you every tried a bubble mask or any other masks from the £1 shop?

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