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Serum’s… do we even need them? Skin care routines can be so long winded as it is, I often think about all the products I use regularly, whats really necessary? And if I was to take some of them away, which ones are actually making a difference to my skin… and which ones are just filler products?


The ingredients used in serums are highly concentrated, so they work a lot harder than any other product – they usually contain up to 70% active ingredients apposed to the 5-10% in cleansers and moisturisers. Most serums are water based and wont include ingredients like petroleum, thickening agents or mineral oils, taking away the filler ingredients means theres more room for the good stuff in that little bottle! Serums can also be very skin specific, depending what you need your serum to go for you. If you need more moisture you should choose a serum which contains hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid or vitamin E. If you’re looking to combat acne and breakouts then salicylic acid, retinol and vitamin C will be your new hero, and if you just need something to brighten your skin then you should look for ingredients such as green tea extract.





All of these super charged ingredients are designed to penetrate past the top layer of skin and work a bit deeper. For this reason a serum should be used after cleansing, so your pores are open and clean, then apply your serum, massaging it into the skin, and finally lock the goodness in with a moisturiser!

So finally, what is the serum like that I’ve been using?

Sunday Riley is a brand which had absolutely stunning reviews for every product they have. So far, I’ve barely heard a bad work against them!

The C.E.O rapid flash brightening serum contains 15% advanced vitamin C which will brighten, fight dark spots, target discoloration and tone the skin. The first time I used this serum I was genuinely shocked at the results! It wasn’t too long ago that I started using the Pixi glow tonic, and I didn’t think that my skin could get much brighter than after using that. But this serum is just so amazing, after applying your skin GLOWS like never before! My skin feels so much firmer and bouncier, Im left feeling like I’m doing something to really nourish my skin and pack it with goodness. Especially after a long day at work with a full face of makeup in the city centre!



This is what Space NK say about the Sunday Riley C.E.O rapid flash brightening serum;

Regular use of this serum ensures the skin barrier is fortified while pore size is visibly reduced. It helps to tackle the five signs of ageing – dullness, sensitivity, wrinkles, dehydration, uneven tone and premature fine lines. Simultaneously it also works to enhance brightness, luminosity and radiance.

Key Benefits:

  • Phytosterols complex minimises skin sensitivity
  • Saccharide isomerate extract reduces the visibility of pores
  • Comes with antioxidant and anti-ageing support
  • Improves the appearance of hyper pigmentation
  • Reduces signs of ageing and dullness

Sounds good, works GREAT, whats the downside? Well, its on the pricier side at £70. But the silver lining is half a pump of product covers your face and neck which means the bottle goes down super slow, and because the ingredients are so concentrated you don’t need to spend hundreds on your other products – because this is taking over and doing most of the work now!



I wrote a post about my full skin care routine here, and I feature the Sunday Riley C.E.O Rapid Flash Brightening Serum just as a sample before I got the full size product! You can buy the serum here and here.

Love, Chelsea xxx

This is my first ever serum! Do you have a fave that I should try next?


    1. Thankyou! I did photography for A-level so I’m finally putting my DSLR to use, it has helped seeing as I have no idea where the chargers to my other digital cameras have gone! Xxx


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