January 6, 2019

Hi Lovelies,
Hope you all had the most amazing Christmas and New Year! This is only going to be a little post, but non the less, its a post! It’s come around so quick but here we are, in 2019. 2018 consisted of 62 blog posts! Will I manage 100 this year?
I never make New Years resolutions, but 2018 was, mostly, an amazing year. I finally left retail and completely changed my career path, which has been the best thing ever. I had some nice trips away, moved into a house with Jack, saw Britney, went to Crufts, a few of my friends and I started our own little book club, and I realised even more than ever how amazing my friends are – I’ve always known I have the best friends, but really, they are absolute diamonds. So, even though I don’t make resolutions I’ve decided to set some little goals. If I don’t achieve them, thats fine, but I think goals are better then ‘resolutions’. I’m going to pop in a few photos of my year throughout the post too!(thought I would do it here rather than my Instastories because I for one found that really quite annoying #sorrynotsorry)


Here’s my 2019 goals…

  • Get on top of my financial situationĀ 

Hahahaha, well, this is more honest than I thought I would be, but over the past few years I’ve probably over indulged in both lifestyle and travel and spent a little outside of my means, and I know most people are in their overdrafts on a monthly basis but really, theres no excuse for me to be any more. So my aim by the end of 2019 is to be in a place where I’m not dipping in and out of my overdraft – at all. In truth being out of retail will probably really help that too. When you’re working around amazing brands with the best sales people you get sucked in as an employee just as much as you do as customers – trust me!

  • Complete the finishing touches to our house

Jack and I started renting the house we live in back in February, and its such a lovely homely house but there are still a few things we keep meaning to do which we just haven’t yet. I painted our bedroom, but bits need touching up elsewhere around the house. We need a mirror in our room, and the spare room needs to be in ship shape ready for when my cousin comes to stay with us for a few weeks in March. I’ve been lusting over botanical prints so I’m definitely going to be making a few purchases sooner rather than later. Pinterest is my babe right now…

  • Get another dog

Jack and I have been saying it for aggggesssss, we will get a dog when we live together, then it was moved to when Jack wasn’t working with a long commute, we kept moving the timeline along but we both have our minds set now, and will finally get our Dobermann around Summer time all being well, but it could also be Winter… (it pretty much relies on something I can’t mention over the internet incase anybody see’s that can’t know hehehe)

  • Weekly posting

Yeah, yeah, yeah. How many times have I promised to post weekly? I was so set on it and then in November my world pretty much came crashing down around me, so that sent the blog posts out of the window. But everything is being rebuilt and my mind is more clear again, so, with that I want my blog to also be consistent and clear. I need to get into the mindset that even when my life is struggling, I can’t let my blog suffer – I never let my life interfere with work (where I can help it) and so I’m going to try to keep the same mindset about Chelsea’s Guide too. In saying this, I have still written 62 posts this year, which is more posts than there are weeks in the year so thats a win.

  • Pass my driving test

At first I wrote ‘learn to drive’, but then thought ‘No, that would be inaccurate’, as I’m at a point where I can drive, and I have taken my test 3 times… and failed 3 times. So maybe ‘learn to drive’ would have actually been more accurate after all. I failed 3 times and then moved into Leeds City Centre (in 2015) and stopped taking lessons. Even now, living back outside of the centre I wouldn’t buy my own car if I passed but I just want to finally have my license so that I can drive when I need to and could be insured on Jack’s car. Also, Im approaching an age now where people I went to school with are having babies, and I can’t imagine being in a situation where I was to have children and didn’t know how to drive – it would be so difficult! Even though kids are DEFINITELY NOT in my 2019 plan, it has made me realize that I need to pass my driving test sooner rather than later.
So, I think thats about it! But as a side note, I had quite a few people make hair suggestions to me a while back when I was at a loss of what to do with my hair, so as of this week my hair is now brown fading to an ashy, light grey colour (it looks more grey in real life), so here’s a little bonus photo of the current colour!
Love, Chelsea xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    January 15, 2019 at 08:44

    I loved this post girl and you are looking GORG as always!!! I wish you all the luck for your goals and you should defo get a new puppy!!xxx

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      January 16, 2019 at 07:44

      Thank you lovely! Happy new year! Xxxxxxxx

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