November 10, 2020

Hi Lovelies!

As the title suggests… keep reading for 3 simple things which have helped me to improve my body positive mindset. Small changes can make a huge difference and with the way 2020 has gone so far, I think we all need to do what we can to be more kind to ourselves!

Social media swapsies

Are you scrolling through Insta and seeing people/accounts which consistently make you compare yourself and think ‘why aren’t I as (insert comparison) as they are?’? Yep, been there! Make time to go through all of the accounts you follow and ask yourself why you are following them and what they bring to your life… nothing? Unfollow! I realised I was following loads of influencers who I didn’t particularly relate to and who were giving me nothing but negative views of my own body/lifestyle, but because I had been following them for so long I was just used to them being there. Once I unfollowed I literally did not even notice the lack of content when scrolling down my feed – but I DID notice the difference in my enjoyment while using the app because I was seeing content that I related to more and that inspired me. It’s quite disconcerting when you think about the amount of content we are feeding our brain every single day – so make sure that what you are consuming is worthwhile and good for you. Swap the ‘bad’ accounts for ‘good’ accounts! Some of my fave body positive girlies on Instagram are Nelly London, Becky Lou Button, Emily Lucy Rajch, Lucy Mountain and Karina Irby.

INSTAGRAM @_nelly_london

Wardrobe clear out

‘I have nothing to wear’ (while looking at a whole wardrobe/multiple wardrobes of clothes). I found myself doing this so much that I made a very obvious discovery – the reason I ‘have nothing to wear’ is because I don’t like how a lot of the clothes I have make me look/feel, so I did something about it! First, I bagged up all of the clothes that I like but that don’t fit me anymore. Next, I threw away all the clothes that did fit me but were just old and tired and not reaaaallly wearable anymore, and finally I donated any of the in-betweens such as clothes that don’t fit and I don’t like anyway and clothes I bought on a whim that are fine in quality and fit but just don’t do anything for me, hence why I’m not wearing them. Anything I was undecided on I tried on as a complete outfit and if it wasn’t something I would buy again today, I donated. What are you left with? A wardrobe full of clothes you KNOW you like, that fit, and that make you feel good. Im not quite at the point where I want to donate the clothes that I like but that don’t fit anymore, and thats fine, it’s a process. Until I am happy to do that I have simply bagged them up and put them into the guest wardrobe in our spare room. I haven’t missed or looked for any item of clothing since doing this anyway – out of sight out of mind. The change in my mood when looking for something away was immediate! It made me feel happy and content rather than anxious and self loathing. Win.

INSTAGRAM @beckyloubutton

Stop focusing on how you look and start focusing on how you feeeeel

Yes, sometimes how you look can definitely effect how you feel – things like having your hair done or getting up and ready even if you’re staying in the house can make you feel good, but theres a limit to how much your appearance should dictate how you feel. When self sabotaging thoughts start to creep in and you think you don’t look ‘how you should’ stop and try to break that down. Who says you should look a certain way? You? Why? If you are beating yourself up over your weight – would you beat your best friend up if they were your weight? Absolutely no you would not! Next, think about how you feel within yourself, are you generally happy? Do you feel healthy? Do you have people in your life that love you the way you are? The answer to all of these is most often ‘yes’. So why are you being so hard on yourself if you are a happy healthy person? Obviously a change in diet and exercise habits are sometimes necessary for your health and mental wellbeing, but if you feel healthy and happy on the inside then try not to punish your exterior.

INSTAGRAM @emilylucyrajch

I hope these little suggestions will be helpful! If you want to have a read of some other posts regarding body image I also wrote one called ‘Getting to know your “grown up” body’ which you can read here, and ‘My experience with anxiety’ linked here.

Love, Chelsea xxx

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