November 19, 2017


I’ll admit it, when we received these face masks at work I was a bit dubious, hmmmmm, what is a £1-£1.50 face mask doing on the cosmetics department of a luxury department store…are they lost? Did they get delivered to the wrong place? Whats going on?

We are constantly getting new stock and I really didn’t pay much notice to them, I thought we had just received an item for customers who want to get a few stocking fillers or an easy add on item.

So then a colleague bought one, and was amazed by the results… I thought that was great, glad it worked for her and that she liked it…still not interested in buying one myself, despite the price! Then someone else bought a few, raved about them… right okay people seem to be loving these. Finally I served the sibling of another colleague and there we are, another anatomicals face mask being hyped up and recommended. Three people, with amazing feedback.. ON A £1 FACE MASK? I decided to give them a go.


Lets just talk a little bit about what Anatomicals have to offer. We stock 10 different wash off face masks, 2 sheet masks, 2 hair masks, 2 eye masks (the kind that cover your eyes to actually go to sleep), nose/chin/forehead strips, under eye patches, eye gel, 2 lip balms, head ache balm, sleep balm, dry relief balm aaaaaaand a joint and muscle rub. wow. And this is just a selection of what they have to offer. The price range for these products start at £1-£7, and then upwards for sets. On ASOS and other retailers there are products I haven’t seen before, but not as many of the wash off masks which to me are the star of the show!

Anatomicals are cruelty and paraben free, yippee! They are stocked at Asos, Superdrug, Harvey Nichols, Ocado, Selfridges and Urban Outfitters, to name a few!

Back to the masks…

Through talking to everyone who had already purchased I was told that even though the packet looks small it is full to the brim with product, meaning you can use half, fold over the top and then get another use out of it later on in the week!

At the moment I’m having some trouble with my skin, I seem to be having random pimples breaking out constantly and on my cheeks I have what looks like red spots clustered in the same place on both sides, but the skin is smooth so maybe they are angry under the surface spots? I’m not sure, but either way its quite noticeable when I’m not wearing foundation, so my skin is generally in need of a pamper!

I bought the following;

  • Farewell the scarlett pimplehead deep cleansing mud mask
  • The hottie tottie is never spotty. Anti-blemish face mask
  • No breakouts. The Alcatraz for spots purifying charcoal face mask
  • Thats what we call well stung skin boosting honey face mask

(And then I went and bought even more just before I published this post, hence why there are 7 different ones in the photos!)

I love all the names! The total for these 4 face masks came to £5, and they can all be used twice.. so thats around 63p per application. I challenge anyone to use these and be disappointed, and for the price?! This is a little gem that everyone can afford so theres no excuses!


Like most wash off face masks they recommend removing all makeup, and cleansing the face before application. I removed all my make up with Garnier micellar water and then cleansed my face with Estee Lauder advanced night micro cleansing foam – washing off with warm water so my pores were all cleaned out and open ready to soak up the Anatomicals goodness!

If you are applying the mask with your hands you literally just tear off the top and then squeeze the product upwards and scoop it onto your face. If you’re using a brush to apply you might want to get a little bowl to squeeze half the pack into, otherwise it might get a bit messy trying to dip your brush into such a little packet!

The product isn’t too runny so it keeps a good workable consistency when you’re getting it out of the pack without it dribbling all over the place and down your arm, you can squeeze what you need out and then lay the packet down wherever while you work it round your face without it spilling out everywhere!

They aren’t too drying, they don’t go crumbly, you can still move your face or drink a cup of tea, you are fine to have a chat.. in fact its very easy to forget you even have it on!

When I first put on the pimple head cleansing mud mask one, I could immediately feel a little tingle in all the areas I knew needed some love, personally I like this because I feel like its actually doing something but it might be worth taking note of this if you have extra sensitive skin. It wasn’t uncomfortable or painful and lasted less than 30 seconds.

Anatomicals recommend leaving the face mask on for 10-15 mins, I think I probably ended up leaving mine on for close to half an hour… oops, but it still wasn’t drying or tight, I forgot it was even on my face! Usually when taking off a mud mask I would use a wet/damp cloth as mud usually sticks in every nook and cranny and quite frankly, can be a bloody pain in the ass to remove and make me wish I never used it in the first place! Because it was so comfortable to have on I thought id try to take it off properly. I filled the sink with warm water and began just cupping the water up into my face and the mask began to melt off so easily it was insane! It literally took me about 1 min to splash all the product off completely, and then all I had to do was pat my face dry. It was so nice to use a mud mask and not have to end with trying to scrub all of the product off and end up red and blotchy, I could see the results straight away! My skin was literally glowing, and looked really nice the next morning too… if I do say so myself!

All the little pimples I had on my forehead cleared up by the end of the next day, and a few came out on my cheeks where I’m having issues at the moment. I know loads of people complain when a skin product brings out pimples or spots but I’m a strong believer that when it comes to skin, sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. Of course thats not the case when its an actual skin reaction, but you can tell the different with that one!

How do you expect to get rid of under the surface spots without them coming to the surface and then clearing up? Personally, I was really glad that the ones on my cheeks finally came to the surface. Before I used the mask I was starting to think maybe it was just pigmentation on my cheeks that had become worse for whatever reason, but once they came to the surface it confirmed that they were just under the surface spots, and thats easier to fix than pigmentation!

I know this post is just talking about the one mask I used out of the 4 I bought, but I found that all the masks did exactly what they said they would, they are so quick to apply and take off that it doesn’t feel like a chore to use. Just get home from work, take your makeup off and rip open the packet, it takes 2 mins! Go about your business making dinner or doing your washing (or having a glass of wine) and take it off when you feel ready, easy peasy.


Afterwards I just folded over the top and left it on the side until I needed to use the rest! I used mine again 4 days later… maybe I should have kept it in the fridge? I didn’t notice any difference in effectiveness by leaving it out at room temperature for a few days and the product didn’t dry up or change consistency at all though, happy days!

Please let me know if you try these – they are INSANE!

Love, Chelsea xxx

Have you ever used any Anatomicals products? What did you think of them? Let me know if you try them and what you think!

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