October 29, 2017

Hi Lovlies!

Yet again I have had to split my post in two! This is the third and final part of out Bali trip… enjoy!

Read all about planning our Bali trip here, and about the first part of the holiday here!

So we have done our 4 nights at The Stones in Kuta, Its now day 5, and its time for Gili T!!! So, we checked out and promptly got picked up by our transport to the harbor, it was about 1 hour 90 mins to the harbor and then there was a bit of waiting around and being taken from pillar to post before we were actually put onto the boat (isn’t there always!?).


It was so exciting when we finally saw Gili T coming into view, you know before when I said that what I imagined Bali to be was white sand, blue sea, beaming sun and tranquility? That is what Gili T is, its absolute paradise!

We hopped off the boat and hauled our suitcases to the ‘main road’, I use that term loosely as there are no western type roads, they are more like dirt tracks. Non of the Gili’s need ‘proper’ roads as they don’t have motorized transport, only bicycles or horse and cart – I spoke about this a little more in my first Bali post.


There is an obvious central area that has little bars and street food stalls, a long row of beach clubs and a few cash machines, but there is a very chill, laid back feel to the place. You instantly feel any worries just melt away! We found a horse and cart and negotiated a price to take us to Hotel Ombak Sunset, luckily there was quite a few threads on the internet with advice on how much you should be paying to get there as the sunset swings are located at this hotel, so we knew roughly what was acceptable.






The bar had been set quite high after being at The Stones, but Hotel Ombak Sunset didn’t disappoint! They had a big gorgeous pool complete with a bar (perfect), generously sized rooms, nice big beds and clean fluffy towels… what more do you need? One thing to note: if you aren’t a fan of little lizards you might get a bit of a fright! Hotel Ombak is one of the nicest hotels on the island and they still manage to get into the rooms, so be aware of this as I’m assuming all accommodation on the island will have the same issue.


We had arrived to Gili T mid afternoon, so by the time we got ourselves sorted and went back out again it was time for some food! We wondered across the road from our hotel to where we saw the sunset swings, this is what we had been waiting for! We cosied up on two bean bags and ordered a beer and a pizza and watched the world go by as the sun started to set.. perfect! After dinner we got a horse and cart back into the main area where we had a few cocktails in a little bar called Sama Sama, and then got carried away having drinks, eating chicken at the night market and looking around the area. By the time we decided to head back the horse and carts had all gone home for the night.. so off we went on our trek back to the hotel, it probably took us about 20 mins, we made sure that we were more aware of the time the next few nights! On our way back we walked past a really nice looking beach club called Pear Beach Lounge, so we made a note of this so that we could revisit the next day.

Day 6, wake up, breakfast, bikini on, horse and cart, Pearl Beach Lounge.. is that not the life? I would be lying if I said we did anything else this day but sunbathe, drink, eat or paddle in the sea, in that order. If you ever go to Gili T, this is where you need to spend all day every day. If I remember correctly, as a non hotel guest you spend a certain amount for the sun loungers for the day and then it was redeemable on food/drink and use of their wifi.. but I could be mistaken. They have music playing at a speak easy level so you can either listen to theirs while reading a book or put your own ear phones in and you wont be fighting between two sounds. The food was amazing, service was lovely and friendly, we generally couldn’t fault a thing! Once we got into the afternoon we headed back to the hotel for a shower and outfit change, and went to watch the sunset, out again for some drinks and then back home to bed… are you seeing the theme?


Our last full day and night we decided to spend the day sunbathing in view of our favourite swings, we had a few photos there during the day before everyone came up for the sunset and it was just such a nice day, I remember feeling very greatful that I was able to do nice things like this! We watched the sunset there with some cocktails and then went back to the hotel to get ready for the evening. While we were out the previous day we saw that there was an open air cinema viewing and what better way to spend our last night in Gili T? We hopped on the horse and cart and arrived at the beach club, we watched fifty shades of grey, had our dinner, some popcorn and a few cocktails (obviously). Side note, while we were eating the popcorn half of my tooth fell out so now i’ll always be reminded of Gili T… its been fixed now don’t worry! We then headed back so that we could pack and be ready to leave the island the next day.


On the journey back to mainland we sat on the top of the boat so we could catch as much sun as possible and we saw a pod of dolphins pass us by, amazing! Once we got back to Kuta we got a short taxi to our last hotel, The Grand Ixora, it was just a small boutique hotel but it was super gorgeous with friendly, polite staff.

We had two things that we wanted to do before we left and that was to see the Tegalalang rice terrace, so yet again we hopped in a taxi and hauled it there just before sunset, and then finally, we couldn’t visit Bali and not go to Potato Head beach club?!

After getting ready at the hotel we got a cab to Potato Head beach club in Seminyak for our last supper. Now, if somewhere is called a ‘beach club’ you think laid back chill vibes, am I right? Well it turns out Potato Head is a little more formal on an evening and so we were a tad under dressed in our shorts and cami top combo! But we still have a lovely night, amazing food and drinks and what a gorgeous setting! We absolutely did not want to leave but all holidays come to and end and thats what makes us appreciate them so much I suppose!

And thats it! Back to the hotel and then off we went to the airport in the morning for our long journey home, complete with a 7 hour 30 min stop over in Singapore, ouch.

I hope you liked reading my three part Bali post, if you made it through all three you really deserve a medal because even I am shocked at how much I’ve managed to write about it!

Let me know your thoughts, have you been to Gili T or any of the other Gili’s? Where would you recommend I travel to next? I have quite a long bucket list that I want to check off! I have visited Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, Costa Rica, India, Ibiza, LA, San Fran, Corfu, Italy, Spain and Arizona already.. where to next?! What should I do and where should I go next time I visit Bali?

Love, Chelsea xx


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