DAILY ESSENTIALS – Aveda, Espa, This Works, Estee Lauder and More!

November 28, 2017


I’ve had a day off work today and literally done nothing but go to the gym and do a face mask! As I was putting on my moisturiser after the face mask I thought, seeing as I’ve done nothing all day what better time to write a post about my daily essentials? The products I use every single day and love to bits!


Im living at my mums house at the moment in-between homes and I have boxes of products in the garage, at Jack’s mum and dads, at Jacks, at my dads house – everywhere! So the products I have to hand at the moment really are the ones I use every day and couldn’t live without, otherwise they would be boxed up somewhere in storage! I had to be really strict with what I needed for the next few months and be realistic about what I can and can’t live without, and believe me when I say I have A LOT of beauty products boxed away! I can’t wait until I have everything all in one place again and get stuck into doing reviews on products I love but don’t use all the time, and some bits will probably become my new daily products once I rediscover them!

I have really dry legs, lips and hands so moisturisers definitely feature heavily in this post!  On an evening/night my legs itch horrifically, to the point where there will be blood pouring down my legs without me realizing the damage a few scratches have done. They never feel or look that dry but when I apply moisturiser it helps subside the itchy feeling quite significantly. Bringing us to…


I got this ESPA body lotion in the new year, and I just liked the smell and consistency of it, I didnt think it would be my go-to moisturiser by any means. It literally smells like a spa it is so, so nice! On speaking to an ESPA consultant since purchasing this, there is really no reason that the moisturiser should help my dry, itchy legs as well as it does, but it is like magic! I have used so many different creams on my legs including doctor prescribed lotions but nothing stops the itch as effectively as this moisturiser – YAY!!! Im almost at the end of the bottle and ESPA have since upgraded to gorgeous new packaging so this is definitely a repurchase product!




I go through hand creams probably as fast as I go through socks! I use it all the time, this year I’ve favored Burt’s Bees shea butter hand repair cream and The Body Shop shea hand cream, the Burts Bee’s one is AMAZING and is super thick, you only need a little to go a long way. The Body Shop formula is very silky and light, I found I went through it really fast. This Aveda hand relief is the perfect in-between and the bottle is huge, 125ml is amazing for a hand cream! It instantly relieves the skin and keeps them feeling hydrated, a little goes a long way like with the Burt’s Bees, so try not to be too liberal otherwise you will find yourself with sticky hands.




Nothing saved my lips the way Carmex does, CARMEX I LOVE YOU! Vaseline doesn’t do it for me, my Carmex ran out last week and my lips were soooo chapped so I thought I would try a Body Shop one that I already had – I swear I used half the pot in 1 day and my lips were worse by the end of the day than when I woke up. So thats a no from me. I bought a new Carmex that night after work and after 1 day of using it my lips were back to normal, it is my savior! I do generally have dry lips so I need to use a lip balm daily anyway and this one just never fails. ever.



I have been using Estee Lauder DayWear recently and I am very impressed! I use it along with their Advanced Night Repair eye cream, I do rate the eye cream but i’ll be honest, I often forget to use it so thats why it isn’t on the essentials list! The DayWear cream is supposed to help fight signs of early aging which I think is perfect to use at my age (24) as it isn’t trying to reverse the signs of aging just yet, its more of a preventative. Its packed with anti-oxident power and an impressive 25 SPF. It is nice and light so doesn’t clog pores or feel too heavy at all, It really hydrates my skin and makes me look nice and radiant – perfect!


My next face moisturising product is one made locally from a brand called Organically You and I absolutely 100% swear by this brand! Everything they make is by hand, Rebecca, who makes all of the products, orders the purest ingredients for example big blocks of Shea butter from all over the world, wherever she knows has the best quality, and she will carve off what she needs for each batch and make the products up fresh – she is AMAZING. I don’t want to delve too far into Organically You because I want to make a full post dedicated to their products but I definitely recommend any and everything they sell, it WORKS. Their Avocado and Rosehip butter is no exception. Myself and Jack went to the Lake District for my birthday and I took this with me, after 2 days of us using this both myself and Jack were commenting how bright each others skin looked, all my spots from a reaction to a Sephora product cleared up and my complexion just looked great. If you go onto their page definitely check out the before and after photos from a customer they had who suffers from psoriasis, after using one of their items the difference is INSANE.


Obviously I couldn’t talk about my must-have essentials without mentioning Anatomicals! I have already reviewed their face masks here, but this one is probably my favorite at the moment as my skin is playing up and I’m getting breakouts constantly. I think its a mix of work stress, gym, contraception hormones going crazy and generally being a girl! But these face masks help make everything better.


Next up! Who wouldn’t put the Garnier micellar water into a daily essentials post? Lets be real! If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years and haven’t heard of this product or if you haven’t tried it yet, I strongly urge you to stand up, put on your shoes and coat and run to your closest super market, pharmacy or beauty store to buy it! Its just as quick to take your make up off using micellar water and cotton pads than it is to use a horrible, chemical filled ‘cleansing’ wipe so theres no excuses! It is gentle on the skin but effective at removing even the most stubborn mascara – and this is coming from someone who admittedly wears a generous amount of make up daily.





Invisibobble! Having long hair these are just so amazing, they tie your hair up easily but don’t leave a kink – what more could I girl want? I don’t feel like they are the strongest at staying in place for when I’m at the gym but apart from that they work just as well as a normal elastic hair band. Perfect for keeping your hair in a bun during the night and waking up without a kink.


Another item I’m sure every girl in the world can’t live without – Tanzle Teezer!


Compact, stylish, easy to use and pain free. Amazing for getting knots out of your hair – especially when its as long as mine!



Somebody at work recommended this product to me when I was telling them about my sleep paralysis and how often I suffer with it, I tried a tester and absolutely love it. Maybe its a placebo or just that its a relaxing smell, but I really do think it helps me with getting to sleep and keeping my sleep paralysis at bay. Sarah Ashcroft recently mentioned this in one of her vlog’s and it won a ‘best of the best’ award this year from Harper’s Bazaar! This Works deep sleep pillow spray has a nice lavender scent with accents of vetiver and camomile, super relaxing. My best new best friend!


And thats the lot! 10 of my beauty essentials that I use every day and can’t live without.

Love, Chelsea xxx

Do you have any of these products? What do you think of them? Have you heard about any of these and are wanting to try them? What are your beauty essentials that you can’t live without… let me know if I need to try them!

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