December 24, 2017

Hi Lovlies!

When DHC first started filtering onto the shelves at work I would be lying if I said I wasn’t skeptical. Non of the products have even remotely similar packaging and everything looks rather mismatched, but if you can look beyond the packaging and focus just on whats inside you will be in for quite a treat!


Are how random all the products look? Apparently their packaging will be changing soon to keep everything looking more uniform and give the brand a real presence when you have all the products together, so I’m looking forward to seeing what look they choose!

So, lets talk a little bit about who DHC are as a company. DHC is Japans number 1 ‘direct’ skincare company – meaning they are only available to order through their website or catalogue. However in the UK you can find DCH in a number of retailers too… lucky us! DHC pride themselves on the quality of olive oil used in their products, claiming to use an exceptional grade of olive oil found from the Núñez de Prado groves in Baena, Spain.


Their deep cleansing oil is their best selling cleanser, it has rave reviews and I am absolutely in agreement with them, its incredible! The thing I love so much about this cleanser is how easy it is to use, you literally don’t need to do anything apart from pump a few drops of cleanser into your hands and rub your face…! I hate having to tip out cleansers or oils as I feel like I waste soooo much product!


Pop a few drops into your dry hands, and massage it into your dry face. Straight away you can feel the cleanser breaking down your makeup as you work it into your skin. Once you’ve given your face a good rub, especially around your eyes if you wear heavy eye make up, add some water and it turns into the silkiest texture! As the product is washed away you’re left with super smooth, gorgeous skin with not a single trace of makeup left. Even though this makeup remover is predominantly olive oil based your skin wont feel greasy at all – thats what I find most impressive!


When I take my makeup off with this my skin feels so nourished and soft, apposed to stripped away all the goodness or making my skin dry – which is sometimes how I feel after taking everything off with other cleansers! Apparently 1 is sold every 10 seconds worldwide…wow!

DHC deep cleansing oil is only £24 for 200ml, I think thats an amazing price for such an effective product!

Love, Chelsea xxx

Have you used anything from DHC before? I also have their blotting paper, beauty lift eye roll-on and olive oil infused swabs (Q tips) and I’m impressed with all of these  products so far! The blotting paper and olive oil q tips are especially handy and are SUPER cheap!


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