December 18, 2017

Hi Lovlies!

Firstly, how irritating! I got all ready to take photos for this post and my memory card isn’t working in my DSLR for some reason! Its working fine with my laptop but when I put it in my camera is says there is an error with my memory card :(. Because of this I’ve had to use my iPhone so I’m sorry about the image quality!

Have I told you about how amazing Dior make up is? I’m REALLY excited, because everything I have tried from Dior so far I’ve absolutely loved. The quality of their products are so incredible, they work, the pigments are amazing, the packaging is gorgeous and they last, what more could you ask for? They are definitely more pricey than your average drug store brands but they do last a long time so as a ‘treat yo’self’ purchase I say yes to Dior every time!


I recently bought an eyeshadow from Dior and was given a sample of the Diorshow Maximizer 3D – triple plumping lash primer. I have tried eyelash primers before and honestly thought they were crap. They didn’t do anything apart from clump all my eyelashes together and then make me use even more mascara than I usually would trying to cover up the white colour that the primer coats your eyelashes in. However, I love this one!

I don’t find that it clumps my eyelashes at all, just a few coats of the eyelash primer and you can see the length. I usually coat one side, and then the other before going back to my first eye again with my normal mascara. This gives the primer chance to settle and dry a little before you go in with your black mascara to give the full effect.


Thats not all… this eyelash primer isn’t just for making your lashes look amazingly long and thick when paired with a mascara, but its also a conditioning treatment for your eyelashes that keeps them in tip top healthy condition. If you don’t want to use it with a mascara you can use this product on a night and sleep with it on your lashes for a deep condition!

The eyelash primer is oil based and the longer you use the product the more benefits and effect you will see on your lashes, every single application conditions your lashes making them strong and healthy…which in turn results in a thicker, longer appearance.

Please excuse my eyebrows in the following photos… think its time to get them threaded!







Im not going to pretend this is a product you NEED in your makeup bag for every day use, but if you want to treat yourself to something that just makes you feel like your really pampering yourself, or if you’re looking for a gift for the girl who has everything then this is an amazing product for you. Perfect to use on special occasions or when you want to take time to make yourself look that bit nicer than you usually would, especially if you do struggle with sparse eyelashes that need a bit of help!

All in all, I love Dior, I really like this product… and now I own the full size one!

Love, Chelsea xxx


Have you tried Dior makeup before? Whats your favorite makeup item from Dior? Do you use any of their mascara’s or this lash conditioner? I have heard very impressive things about their Pump’n’Volume mascara… maybe thats the next thing on my list! Let me know in the comments, I want to talk Dior make up!

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