December 30, 2017

Hi Lovlies!

For Christmas this year my manager very generously gave me this amazing ESPA giftset! I was so surprised when I opened my present on Christmas Day! I thought it was so thoughtful and lovely I couldn’t wait to use it!

From Christmas Day onwards I have been gradually feeling more and more poorly, So I decided to whip out this set and give myself a bit of TLC… I had to perk myself up for my PT session at 4pm! Ouch!



I lit the candle almost immediately – I have smelt ESPA candles before at an event I attended so knew they were amazing quality already, but wow. I was still blown away by the amazing scent! ESPA is known for their gorgeous, relaxing scents in both their body care products and their candles – and this mini candle is definitely no exception! The candle in this set is a miniature version of their Soothing candle, linked here. This is what ESPA say about their Soothing candle;

An aromatic blend with pure essential oils Sandalwood, Rose Geranium, Myrrh and Frankincense to help relax, soothe and unwind.


All of the products in this set have the same scent/notes which make them the ultimate soothing collection.

I ran myself a bath and used the ESPA Soothing bath oil, the bottle recommends to use half of the mini bottle for the bath so thats exactly what I did, Erm…. it smelt… SO GOOD! My whole bathroom instantly smelt like a spa. Obviously I had to bring the candle up to the bathroom too to get the full ESPA experience!


ESPA suggest using the bath oil and body oil before bed to help you unwind and relax ready for a good nights sleep but I really just wanted to soak and make myself feel half human again so I could muster up the courage to go to the gym! I can totally see why they suggest using it before bed though… Although having a soak did make be feel 10x better and more alive for my day ahead, the scents really are so relaxing and soothing that climbing into fresh sheets after using these products would be ideal! Remind me to do it that way round next time.


After having a good soak I finally decided it was time to get out of the bath, and my skin felt SO soft, smooth and hydrated. I have mentioned before how itchy my skin gets – especially my legs. The only moisturiser I have found helps this is the ESPA Bergamot and Jasmine body lotion which I usually apply straight after a bath or shower as my legs are so itchy after washing that I could, and have before, just scratch them until there is blood streaming down my legs! So I find applying a generous layer of my body lotion straight away helps setting my skin. However, when I got out of my bath after using the bath oil my skin didn’t feel itchy at all. My skin was nicely hydrated and soothed and there was no need for my to go running to my room resisting the urge to ruin my poor legs!


Although my skin felt amazing already I decided to still go ahead and use the body oil that also comes in the set – to get the full impact of the Heavenly Peace giftset!

Body oil in general I love…unless it is greasy or sticky AT ALL. If I apply a body oil and have to wash my hands afterwards its a no from me and I wont use the product again, I can’t stand it! I had high hopes for the ESPA body oil because I’m such a fan of all their other products, and it didn’t disappoint. Completely soothing without being greasy or sticky, it is silky smooth and soaked into my skin effortlessly, with a nourishing feel. It isn’t a ‘dry oil’ either, its just the perfect in-between, exactly the way a body oil should be on your skin. I am a fan!


From using this gift set I can see myself buying all of these products individually, I do have quite a few body oil’s and moisturisers on the go at the moment so the body oil could probably wait, however the bath oil included in the set is the only one I have and is perfect when you want to treat your skin. So thats getting added to my shopping list! Once the candle is all used up I think I will have to invest in a full size ESPA candle too… they are amazing. If you havnt smelt one before you need to! I could confidently say that you could order any of their candles online and you wont be disappointed with how they smell. Just such amazing quality!


Love, Chelsea xxx

Have you used ESPA before? If so, whats your fave product? Let me know in the comments below!

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