November 20, 2020

Hi Lovelies!

Given that the UK is currently in the middle of lockdown 2.0 I thought it would be the perfect time to try out some new basics from Femme Luxe to get me through the Autumn and keep me cosy! It’s pretty sad that my last Femme Luxe haul mostly consisted of going out dresses which I still haven’t managed to wear but never mind… maybe 2021 will be the year of going out clothes rather than loungewear! Full disclosure – the following items have been chosen by me but gifted in exchange for a blog post/review, however all opinions remain my own, as always.

First up, I was in need of some new joggers as the ones I was wearing on rotation were yeaaaars old from when I worked at Victoria’s Secret Pink (still great condition albeit old). As im spending a lot more time in the house generally, but also when I’m working from home, it’s nice to have a few more comfy options that don’t make me feel like I’m still in my PJ’s. I went for the Lizzie Cuffed Joggers style in dark grey and black and sized up in both to a 14 (im usually a 12). Although the joggers are both the same style I feel like the grey have a slightly wider waist band and ever so slightly thicker material in general- which isn’t a bad thing! I often find that when I have two of the same style of something in different colours they feel slightly different no matter where I buy from.

The joggers are so comfortable and perfect for lounging around the house, nipping to the shop or for a dog walk. I love the material and shape, especially where the waist sits. Paired with a bodysuit, cardigan and trainers I still feel like I look a quite put together when leaving the house, rather than feeling slobbish! They are a lovely soft fleece material on the inside and the drawstring waist is actually functional rather than the strings just being there for show. The waistband folds over which think looks great – however be aware that this means the teeny size tag pokes out of the back – I just cut it out with scissors which took me 2 seconds. I’m glad I sized up for the cosy, baggy feel but I guess it’s personal preference as true to size would have definitely fit too!

Dark Grey Cuffed Joggers – Lizzie £27.98 (£11.99 at time of posting)

Black Cuffed Joggers – Lizzie £27.98 (£12.99 at time of posting)

Next, in true 2020 style it’s obviously another loungewear set! Although I’ve worn the joggers almost everyday since they arrived, I think this set is my fave of the order. It’s so comfortable but effortlessly stylish, perfect for when we are allowed to visit each others houses again without having to think about what to wear too much. Femme Luxe have tonnes of loungewear sets but this one is the Khaki Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set – Asia and I chose it because I liked that it was a belted loungewear set, so although you are comfy it still pulls you in at the waist and given some shape.

I don’t usually go for a tunic but I like this style for a loungewear set and the V-neck is really flattering, too. I sized up again, and I’m really glad I did for this one as I don’t think that true to size would have fit on the bottom half. I am a UK 12 and wearing size L/XL in the Khaki Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set – Asia.

This set goes from S/M, M/L and L/XL which I generally don’t like and find really hard to decide which size to go for as im quite an inbetween size, especially from top to bottom, and feel like we shouldn’t be put into boxes of ‘small’, ‘medium’ and ‘large’. I much prefer numbered sizing. However, by sizing up I am really happy with the fit of the set.

Khaki Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set – Asia £35.98 (£21.99 at time of posting)

Lastly, an autumn essential – the leather look trousers/ leggings. I can’t keep track of how many leather look trousers or leggings I have ordered – and sent back. I feel like they are just a really hard design to get right for a mid size person for some reason?! I can honestly say these are the nicest ones I have tried… I just really wish I had ordered true to size! All of the other styles/brands I have ordered needed to be sized up but these are definitely a true to size gem. Because I ordered a size 14 rather than a 12, you can see in the photos that the legs/crotch area looks slightly more wrinkled than they probably should but they would have been prefect had I ordered the right size. I have clamped these slightly at the back to show what the fit would have been like had I ordered my size correctly.

The style I ordered are the Black High Waisted PU Skinny Trousers – Skylar. The high waist sits at exactly the right place for me, perfect to wear with a bodysuit, and I like the matte shine of the material, too. The material of the trousers isn’t overly thick but you can’t see any VPL from the bodysuit at the front or back which is perfect. I often find with leather look trousers that the material is either too thick and so the legs barely move and are too big on the knee/calf, or so thin that they stick to you in a really unflattering way – but these are the perfect inbetween so you don’t have an issue with either!

Black High Waisted PU Skinny Trousers – Skylar £29.98 (£14.99 at time of posting).

I also have my eye on these ones which I think are gorgeous if you want a beaut matte croc print! Black Animal Crocodile Print Leggings – Hazel £15.98 (11.99 at time of posting)

All in all im super happy with my order (expect ordering the wrong size in the trousers)! I always find that Femme Luxe have some great sales and promo codes so it’s definitely worth signing up to the mailing list to make advantage of those.

Love, Chelsea xxx

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    November 24, 2020 at 12:57

    Those joggers look so nice! I feel like 90% of my wardrobe at the moment is just loungewear, it’s going to be weird wearing normal clothes after lockdown!! Thank you for sharing, I adore the leather look trousers xxx

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