April 30, 2018

Hi Lovelies!
Fenty – can you do any wrong?! Literally everything I have tried by Fenty so far has been amazing, and why wouldn’t it be with an amazing person like Rihanna taking the lead!
They are such an exciting brand and every launch so far has had people falling over themselves to get a piece of the action!
The last post I did on Fenty was their red Stunna lip paint, you can read that post here. For this post I got a few of their basic items. The Match Stix launched as part of the original collection when the brand first landed… and they made a big impression! The magnetic and hexagon design had everyone SHOOK and the magnetic feature isn’t just a gimmick, it’s really handy! Ever found yourself fishing around in your hand bag for a product? Well now at least you’re concealer and highlighter will be stuck together so it’s one less thing to find!
So what are the Match Stix? Fenty say that the matte Match Stix are ‘a magnetised makeup stick in a long wear, light-as-air matte formula to conceal, correct, contour and touch up’. And then you also have the shimmer Match Stix which ‘highlight, blush and enhance – so you can mix and match, magnetise and multiple’. Fenty also say the formula is a ‘buildable cream-to-powder formula’ that is ‘weightless and super easy to blend, but also stays put. No creasing and caking when you apply it’.
Lets start with the concealer;
I’m going to follow the Fenty way to apply this concealer under my eyes, they suggest to warm the product on the back of your hand, swipe onto the skin after doing your base, and then to blend using your fingers or a brush.
According to all sources the matte finish is the real deal, so I’m going to go all out and ditching my baking powder for this one! The stick itself is quite hard when you open it up as new so I can see why Fenty suggest warming the product up before applying it to your face. Because I had just swatched the product it had already warmed up, so I went straight in and striped directly onto my skin it in the areas I apply my concealer normally – under my eyes, down my nose, across my jaw on both sides, and then a little on my chin and forehead. The concealer went on easy as anything! I go in quite heavily with concealer, so I decided to use a buffing brush to blend the concealer into my skin. I debated using a beauty blender and I’m sure that would have worked fine too, but a brush did the trick for me. It left no hair strokes from the brush, no caking, no dragging, and the reviews were right, it did not sink into the fine lines under my eyes! This is something I’ve only started noticing in the last few months (boohoo), but I do suffer with product sinking into fine lines, so this was a biiiiig YES from me! I loved the finish of the concealer, it was super even and blended with my foundation easily – even though my foundation is more dewy than matte, just what I needed!
Next, shimmer Match Stix!
The pigment – YAAAAS. This one I was skeptical about applying. After such a nice finish from the concealer/foundation combo I was realllllyyyy worried about applying this from the stick directly onto my skin incase it caused dragging and ruined my base. But, when it comes to a new product you have to try don’t you! My plan was to apply it straight to my face and then blend with my fingers to warm the product up, if it caused dragging than I was going to do the other side just by picking up the product on my finger tips and blending. Then I could see the difference the application makes. Luckily for me, there was no dragging! Fenty wins again! I drew the highlighter onto my cheekbones, cupids bow, a little bit on my nose and chin, and then blended it out with my fingers. I was in love with the finished result! I’m usually all about the highlighter, the brighter the better, subtle? No thank you. But this highlighter is the PERFECT in-between. Bright enough to stand out but not so bright that you look like a shiny tin-man. I actually cannot wait to take this on holiday with me!
You know a new product is good when you try it out, and throw it straight into your makeup bag instead of setting it aside as a spare. I got carried away in a Fenty frenzy and decided to apply my Stunna Lip Paint too! Now I’ve tried the Starstruck Match Stix I already have my next colour on my wish list. I spotted the colour Confetti as soon as Fenty was released and LOVED it, like a purple/pink iridescent highlight that can be worn on eyes or as a highlighter, now I know I like the formula I know I need it in my life!
You can buy Fenty from Sephora in the US and Europe, and Harvey Nichols in the UK, and of course the Fenty website.
Matte Match Stix £21 
Shimmer Match Stix £21
Love, Chelsea xxx
Have you tried anything Fenty yet? I have a few bits and LOVE them all. I can’t get enough and cannot wait to see what they have to offer us next!

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    May 2, 2018 at 16:10

    The red lip suits you SO well!! I loved this review and the packaging is just so gorgeous!xx

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      May 2, 2018 at 18:19

      Thankyou lovely! I’m literally scared to leave the house with colourful lips 😂! I LOOOOVE the Fenty packaging xxx

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