April 28, 2019

Hi Lovelies,
As much as I love and adore skin care, have you ever felt like you’ve been doing the absolute most for your skin and it just keeps getting worse and worse? I have very recently. I love experimenting with products, and have a pretty good daily routine which is almost fail safe. Why almost? Because sometimes your skin just needs a break.

As much as a product can be life changing (for me, that’s been the Pixi Glow Tonic and the La Prairie 3-Minute Peel), when we are piling products on our skin day in, day out, it can be overwhelming, and sometimes our poor skin just doesn’t know what to do with the build up of different ingredients and ends up trying to expel them in the way that we HATE – by pushing it out of our pores in the form of pimples. Thanks skin, all I was trying to do was love you xoxo.

Recently, this was happening to me. I was following my normal skin care routine but all of a sudden my skin was going AWOL and behaving very badly. I recognized that the type of breakouts I was having weren’t hormonal or irregular spots, they were reaction spots. I know that my skin isn’t reactive to the products I use, so it had to be something else. Reaction spots are usually identifiable for being tiny white pimples, but when squeezed there is no pus in the pores trying to get out, it is just water on the surface underneath the head, similar to a small blister. They aren’t painful and when squeezed they don’t swell or go red, they just kind of disappear. If you have ever been unlucky enough (like me) to get ridiculously sunburnt and come out in teeny tiny sweat/water blisters on your skin… it’s similar to that. (SPF forever kids.)
I started by eliminating a few products at a time and didn’t see any difference, so I decided to try and go as basic as I could. To date (20/04/19), I have simply being double cleansing my skin on a night with Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Cleanser to remove make-up, and then cleaning my skin with the Elemis BIOTEC Skin Energising Cleanser , following up with my favourite moisturiser, the beautiful Organically You Avocado and Rosehip Facial Balm. The reason I chose to keep that particular moisturiser in my routine is because it’s the only moisturiser that keeps my skin hydrated and somehow manages to clear my spots too. Moisturisers aren’t created to get rid of spots, but the Organically You one manages just fine! On a morning, I will cleanse in the shower with the Elemis BIOTEC Skin Energising Cleanser and follow up with the Organically You Avocado and Rosehip Facial Balm, no need for double cleaning on a morning! I have still been doing a face mask once a week too, but just ones I have used before – now is not the time for experimenting with new masks!
So, from 2 weeks ago to now, whats changed? All of the reaction pimples disappeared after around 1 week, and week 2 the redness/blotchiness I had around my cheeks has disappeared. I think the masks I’ve been using (La Prairie and Peter Thomas Roth) have had a hand in the pigmentation and speeding up results, but the pimples clearing up has definitely been down to stripping back my skin care products. I’m going to give my skin one more week to rest and then I’m going to re-introduce one product at a time, week by week until I’m back into my normal routine.
This has definitely taught me to listen to my skin more, sometimes it isn’t about introducing more and more to fix a problem, but going back to basics to heal a problem. So, if you’re having problematic skin, but like me you’re already using every single product under the sun – that might actually be the problem! Rather then not doing enough, you could be doing too much.
Love, Chelsea xxx

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