January 9, 2018

Hi Lovlies!

I thought I would write a quick post today about what I use on my hair and how I take care of it. I get so many compliments on the condition of my long hair and questions about what products I use, but in truth I don’t really do much to it! I don’t use much heat on my hair apart from blow drying it, I use straighteners maybe 2 times a week if that. Luckily my hair is pretty straight with a slight wave naturally, but I’ve curled it for these photos so show off how shiny it is after being freshly washed and prepped with all the below products!



So heres a break down of what products I like to use on my hair and how I take care of it.


For years and years the only shampoo and conditioner I have been using is TRESemmé, I just find that it keeps my hair nice and shiny, its good value for money, and available everywhere (usually on offer too!). For these reasons I just find it the most convenient to get hold of!


However, for Christmas I received some Mane ‘n Tail original shampoo and conditioner from my mum. I seen this brand knocking about for YEARS, but never tried it myself so I was super excited to unwrap these on Christmas Day! I started using the duo as soon as I received it and so far, I’m pleasantly surprised! Not that I didn’t think this brand would be good, I have already heard great reviews – I just thought it was a bit of a novelty product! Their original products can genuinely be used on both human and equine, as well as dogs/cats too! Straight Arrow doesn’t test on animals, so thats always a bonus.


The shampoo itself lathers up SO well! It has a different look to what I’m used to, where most other shampoo’s come out of the bottle as a smooth pearl liquid, this looks like the pearly effect is kind of broken up? It doesn’t alter the way you use it, how much you need or the outcome – its just different to what a shampoo usually looks like when you squeeze it out into your hands!

The shampoo itself is amazing, after the first lather you can really feel that it has cleared away any products you use, without it feeling dry.  By the second lather your hair is literally squeaky clean!


The conditioner, ill be honest, hasn’t impressed me as much as the shampoo. When I have finished the shampoo I can definitely see myself repurchasing it, but the conditioner isn’t a repurchase product for me. It works… don’t get me wrong! But I don’t find that my hair is left feeling as silky or tangle free as it is with other conditioners, like TRESemmé. I’m using more product than I usually would with the conditioner to get my desired effect, usually I only need a 10p size amount for all of my hair from my shoulders down, but with this product I’m using considerably more. The conditioner would be fine for anybody who has shoulder length hair or slightly longer.




The directions for use on the shampoo bottle only recommend to lather, rinse and then move onto the conditioner. Personally, I will always repeat! Someone once described hair washing to me like this; When you’re washing, say, a lasagne dish – do you put the washing up liquid in, leave to soak, pour the water out and then start drying and put it straight back in the cupboard? No, of course you don’t, because the washing up liquid has only soaked the left over food and sauce off hasn’t it? You haven’t finished cleaning the dish. You put the washing up liquid in, leave it to soak, rinse the dirty water out, and wash the dish again so that they are actually left clean…thennnn you dry and put away. Its the same for your HAIR! When you lather the first time, that process washes away any build up, including products, oil, dry skin and pollutants. The second lather and rinse actually cleans your hair down to the follicles and lets shampoo ingredients go to WURK. I have truly noticed a massive different since religiously doing this.

Both the TRESemmé shampoo and conditioner I usually use are only £4.50 each for 900ml, from Tesco.

The Mane ‘n Tail shampoo and conditioner are £5.99 each for 355ml, from Superdrug.


I didn’t take a photo of my own hair dryer… because the poor thing is so battered and bruised it was feeling a bit camera shy! So instead I’ve put in a nice squeaky clean photo from Amazon! The hair dryer I use is the Nicky Clarke Vitesse hair dryer. It is a few years old now so I found it quite hard to find a website that still had it in stock, but lucky you, I found it! Now, I don’t now what it really is about this hair dryer, but it is better than any I have ever used before… and I’ve been through A LOT of hair dryers! Whenever I use a friends or my sisters hair dryer I just don’t think my hair feels as nice as it does after using this Nicky Clarke one. I don’t want it to ever break. Ever.

After I have washed my hair I usually partially towel dry it, and then stick it in a hair turban on top of my head while I do my make up to give it extra time to dry naturally. Once my make up is finished I will then blast it with my hair dryer.



My next HOLY GRAIL product, and it will be forever and ever and ever, is my beloved OGX Moroccan argan oil. I never used to use an oil on my hair, it was just something I had never bought and didn’t feel the need to – my hair was in good condition anyway. I was convinced one night at pre-drinks when two of my friends were both talking about what oil they use and were shocked when I said I had never used one, the next day when getting some cotton pads from Boots I wondered past the oils and thought, why not? Its worth a try and if I don’t see a difference I wont buy it again… I have never looked back since! There are SO many brands to choose from, I will admit this was the first one I tried and the only one I have bought since. I’ll have to try a few more, but this one works perfectly well for me, keeping my hair feeling nourished, shiny, smooth and strong. Apparently the Ouai one is unbelievable though…

After I have partially towel dried my hair I squeeze out a 20p size amount into my hands, rub them together and then smooth it into the ends of my hair until I feel like all the product is off my hands.




I have very recently started using a volumising mist, this was a gift but a well needed one! My hair, being long and not particularly thick or thin, lacks volume. So this product is something I was really excited to receive! This SHOW beauty volume mist smells amazing, some might find it a little sickly but it just reminds me of brown sugar! It is super light weight and does work. I apply it to my damp, partially towel dried hair and just squirt a few pumps around my roots and then work it down the body of my hair. The product is heat activated, so I blow dry my hair straight after I have applied it, using a tangle teaser as I go to pull the product through my hair, you can really see the difference. My hair is left feeling thicker and stronger. I have never used a product like this before, so here is what SHOW beauty say about the volume mist! Side note: The packaging is absolutely beautiful!

This light weight luxurious mist provides hair with instant structure and natural root volume.
Patented styling polymers lift hair from the root providing incomparable all–day hold yet a natural, flexible and brushable finish. Wheat protein adds essential amino acids to repair while Vitamin E and lychee extracts control free radicals to reduce fading of colour treated hair. A unique protein–rich botanical blend extract of aloe vera, lavender, mango, kiwi and ginger lily combined with Argan Oil encases every hair, providing all–over fullness with superior hold and intense shine.

Spray generously through damp hair concentrating on roots and mid lengths and follow with styling. This product is heat activated, for best results apply heat after using.
Free from Parabens.


SHOW beauty Volume mist is £36 at Harvey Nichols, or £35 at Selfridges or Harrods.


I am a sucker for a Tangle Teezer and can’t live without mine, But sometimes you just need a paddle brush too. If you have long hair like mine, you will know that sometimes a Tangle Teezer just doesn’t cut the mustard, especially after a day of wearing your hair down with a scarf on… the matting is no joke! Tangle Teezers are good for, you guessed it, getting out tangles! The paddle brush is good for brushing out knots in mid to long hair in particular, without generating static. Paddle brushes are also fab for styling and blow drying.


Any Tangle Teezer or paddle brush will be sufficient!

Thats everything! Just a few simple products and I’m done. I don’t get my hair trimmed particularly often, literally every couple of months and I dye my hair maybe every 4/5 months!


Love, Chelsea xxx

Have you ever used any of the products I have mentioned? What do you use on your hair to keep it strong and healthy? Any products you absolutely can’t live without that I need to try?? Comment below and let me know!

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