October 21, 2018

Hi Lovelies!
This wasn’t what I planned to write about for today, I knew the anniversary of my little baby blog was coming up but I can’t actually believe that this week marks a whole year since I started Chelsea’s Guide?! For a few months I barely even told anybody about my blog. I wasn’t sure what the reaction would be of those around me, I thought everyone would take the piss out of me, and quite frankly, I was scared that I was such a shocking writer that I might give in as soon as I started!
Well, I quickly realised that anyone who took the piss out of me for starting a blog as a space to talk about things that I like, a hobby, escapism with the aim to share anything I have learnt that might be helpful to other people, why would I want people like that in my life anyway?
Im sure there have been people sniggering at my painfully cringe selfies holding products and at my dodgy little makeup displays, especially in some of my earlier posts, but I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment and have learnt so much about different products, myself and how bloody hard it is to have a little corner of the internet! I must admit I WAY underestimated the work and time it took to write, well, anything. I should have known, essays always took me way longer than I ever anticipated in school, why would it be any different when you’re writing about a product, and taking photos, and trying it out, all at the same time?! I was one of those horribly ignorant people who thought it probably took about an hour to knock up a post. WRONG. Sure, there have been days when I’ve written about products I know inside and out and managed to turn around a post in a few hours, but generally it will take me the majority of the week purely because I’m trying to get a post done around my full time job, going to the gym after work, keeping on top of house work, oh, and actually having some sort of social life and time with Jack too! Sometimes it wont take me long to do the writing part, but I like to take my photos to go with each post in natural light, so that generally has to wait until the weekend so I’m home during the day.


It turns out the wicks in these candles aren’t very long…

Another thing I have found is that both friends and strangers have been so incredibly supportive, its humbling. People I’d never had imagined would give two fucks about reading what I have to say have messaged me privately to show their support or just let me know they are reading, others have told my close friends to pass on the message, and it has been so sweet and really just what I have needed at times when I’ve thought ‘whats the point?’. I keep having to remind myself, if I’m enjoying it, thats the only ‘point’ I need to keep doing it!
Originally I started Chelsea’s Guide because when you work in retail your days off are all over the place, and I would find that my days off midweek could get quite lonely and boring, once you’ve been to the gym, done some cooking or cleaning, what else is there to do when nobody else is off work on a Wednesday? I was getting sick of sitting watching programs or scrolling on my phone for hours and felt like I needed something to occupy myself that I could do whatever day of the week I was off work. When your days off are different every week its difficult to pick up a hobby, so starting this blog was a perfect way to fill my time and have something to show for it.
I can’t wait for year 2 of Chelsea’s Guide and have so many ideas and things I want to write about. So for those of you who have been reading, thank you! I’m so grateful, and I hope you all like reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them.
LOVE YA! Chelsea xxx

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    October 26, 2018 at 20:29

    This is the cutest post ever!!! Happy 1st Birthday to your blog girly, you’ve done so so well and Im excited to read your posts for the following year!!xxx

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