August 9, 2018

Hi Lovelies,
Well, well, well. Since trying Hourglass I can honestly say every product has blown me away. And their new mascara, Caution, it definitely no exception!
Caution first launched in the UK on 15th July and was exclusive to Harvey Nichols until 24th July. I bought mine from Harvey Nichols and at the time of purchase there was a benefit on their app where you got some freebie travel sized items when you purchased two or more items! Depending what tier on their app you were, dictated the freebies you got, and it was the best deal I’ve seen in a while!
I was in need of a new mascara after finishing my beloved Dior Addict IT-Lash , and since the Hourglass one was so highly anticipated and raved about, I decided to give it a go. I have mentioned before that after I finished my Dior mascara I was debating between re-purchasing, or trying the Benefit BADgal BANG, so was using mascara samples I had in the mean time. One of the samples I had been using was the Hourglass Film Noir and I was really impressed by it, so I had no doubt that the Caution wouldn’t win me over too!
One thing I like about Hourglass as a brand generally, is that there aren’t many products in their collection. This isn’t because they can’t make hundreds of products, its because they work so hard to only make the BEST, that they wont launch anything without it being of the highest quality. This makes me trust them as a brand and know that I’m not going to be buying something from them thats rubbish, or a fad.
So, the Caution mascara! Caution claims to deliver 400x more volume with one application – now thats quite a claim but apparently it’s been clinically tested! The brush is made up of dense, long and short bristles, from top to bottom, so every single lash is caught – short lashed don’t only live in the inner corners! At first, I thought I wouldn’t get on with the shape of the mascara. It is a triangle shape, like some of the other Hourglass products, but its surprisingly comfortable in the hand and doesn’t effect the application at all. The mascara packaging feels quite weighted too which is nice, I find that the weight steadies my application, no dodgy mishaps and blobs of mascara all over my eyelids!
The first time I used this I was genuinely shocked at the length, volume and separation this mascara lives – believe the hype… its worth it! The colour is super dark black, even in direct sunlight where some mascaras can become a shiny grey colour. Now, when a mascara is this lengthening, and this dark, I usually end up with imprints on my eyelids and under my eyes, on the very tops of my cheeks. My eyelashes aren’t short without product, they are just straight and rubbish! So when a mascara makes them even longer I’m not surprised when I see those familiar black smudges. A whole 11 hours after my first application, including work and the gym, the mascara hadn’t budged even a little. No marks, no flaking off, nothing. Volume? Still there. Sky high lashes!
The only downside to this mascara? It is a tad difficult to remove! If, like me, you remove your makeup with Micellar water and then cleanse afterward, you’re going to be using probably double the amount of micellar soaked cotton pads as you usually do. I have found the best way to get it off is with Micellar water and then with my DHC olive oil cleanser, But any oil based cleanser/makeup remover will probably work a dream. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t impossible to remove and it doesn’t put me off wearing it… it just takes a little bit more work than usual.


This is a strange look… BUT LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE!

Final thoughts? I love. This is so reliable it’s my new best friend. You don’t have to risk Caution clumping or flaking, it does what it should, and it does it well. With the Harvey Nichols rewards app offer that was on at the time, I also got a travel size version of Caution worth £12 with my purchase, which is super handy for the gym and when I’m staying away for a night or so! Love a mascara sample! You can buy the full size Caution here for £25.
Love, Chelsea xxx
Have you used the Hourglass Caution mascara? Or any other hourglass products? Hourglass aim to be 100% vegan by 2020 and are already 100% cruelty free!

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