March 17, 2019

Hi Lovelies,
I feel like anything thats refillable instantly makes everyone’s interest spike. I’m almost certain thats why things like Pez were so popular! It’s more fun when you can switch and change depending on your mood, not to mention saving space! Thats where Hourglass have absolutely hit the nail on the head with this gorgeous lipstick. One beautifully designed lipstick casing, and as many attachable/refillable colours as you can get your hands on!
Hourglass as a brand really impress me, they don’t launch anything without knowing it’s something people will love, and the best they can produce. You wont ever find Hourglass knocking out a fad product. Every product they make has technology, facts and vigorous testing behind it and is of the highest quality.
I absolutely loooooooove the packaging of the Hourglass confession ultra slim refillable lipstick, the gold metal case is so nice and weighty in your hand, keeping the application steady and smooth even when you’re on the go. The lipstick bullet itself is perfectly slim, enough to apply right into the cupids bow anywhere, any time. The Hourglass confession ultra slim refillable lipstick was the first product I had from Hourglass and it certainly made me see why they are such a well renowned brand.
My absolute favorite colour is the ‘I’ve Never‘ shade which is a perfectly peachy nude colour. I also have ‘If Only‘ which is a gorgeous deep rose, but admittedly I wear it a lot less just because I am more of a nude person. The colour pay off is great with a satin finish. The formula itself is quite thick but not sticky and it never goes dry and tacky in the cracks of your lips… even when you have dry or chapped lips. It is super moisturising but I do find myself reapplying it quite frequently, however I think thats mostly because the wear is so comfortable that it feels like it’s disappeared, even though it’s still going strong!
You can buy the case and any colour together for £31, and then the refills after that are £20 which is great! I actually lost my first one on a night out literally the same week I bought it, I already loved it so much after just one week that I went straight back into town to buy a replacement!
You can buy the lipstick case and lipstick in a choice of 30 shades here, £31. Or choose a refill size here, £20.
Love, Chelsea xxxx

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