March 5, 2018

Hi Lovlies!

Firstly, our bed frame finally gets delivered tomorrow! Woooohooooo! It was originally booked to arrive on the 19th Feb – the day we moved in, however we didn’t receive the keys to our house until 1pm and they attempted delivery at 10am which was a shame! The second delivery was booked for Thursday 1st March, but the snow was ‘too bad’ to get on the street. Now, the snow in Leeds was bad on Thursday I totally appreciate that, Jack and I expected that the delivery would be cancelled due to the general Leeds weather, even though our particular street/area wasn’t too bad and all public transport was still running absolutely fine. We called Barker and Stonehouse and they confirmed the delivery would still be going ahead, but then I received a call from the delivery driver saying they were on the street but weren’t willing to try come down. I was slightly irritated, Jacks brother had been up and down the street that morning picking Jack up for the gym… in a mini! So I really do think the delivery driver that day was being a tad dramatic. Anyway, again we arranged a re-delivery and it will finally be here Tuesday! Yippee! No more sleeping on a mattress on the floor!

Im rambling, sorry. This is probably going to be that kind of post so if you get bored I will totes understand!


So, Prince, what have you done little boy? This morning while I was having my breakfast my little chihuahua, Prince (he was pre-named when we got him) was having a great time in the garden having a sniff around, he came back in, I went upstairs and he happily followed, and then when we got to the top of the stairs he stopped in the middle of the landing on the way to my bedroom and just started crying and yelping really loud! I was really shocked because Prince is probably the quietest dog you will ever come across, all those stereotypes of yappy chihuahua’s? The opposite. Snappy? Never. I span around as quick as possible back onto the landing (I had already gone into my room) to find him crying, hobbling along holding his right/front paw close to his chest. My heart broke for him! Any animal lover will know the feeling of seeing/hearing a pet in pain wishing you could just ask them what happened and where it hurts!


Yes, thats my jumper in his bed!

I scooped him up and cuddled him for a few moments to calm him down. Once he had settled I started checking for injuries. The obvious place to start was the paw he was holding up and wouldn’t put any weight on. When checking leg injuries on dogs you start from the paw upwards, on checking his paw the only thing unusual was that his nails could do with a clip, but didn’t seem to be so long that they would cause him any pain. His pads were a little dry and chapped around the edges but again, this isn’t anything that should cause him to suddenly start limping – especially on only one leg. There were no cuts, no bleeding, nothing obvious at all… Apart from that fact Prince was in obvious discomfort and trying to nibble/bite my hand away. Prince has had most of his teeth removed so it wasn’t hurting me but he was clearly in a lot of pain and trying to get me to stop touching him – poor thing! Further up the leg I checked the paw joint, he let me bend that no problem. On stretching his elbow he started to whimper and crying again (heartbreaking!), and when I went near his elbow he was wriggling to get away so clearly, something had happened to his leg that wasn’t good.


When I was feeling all the bones there was no obvious breaks or anything like that so I was puzzled. I called my mum straight away and we booked him an appointment at the vets. Now, the thing with Prince is that he follows me everywhere. Whatever room I go into he will follow me, this is cute, but when you have an injured dog who is trying to hobble around the house after you instead of resting its quite a concern! The appointment at the vets was at 4.30 so until then I had to put him in his bed, with water and food close by and shut the door when I wasn’t in the room so he wouldn’t try to follow me. Sorry Prince!


As soon as I was ready and was downstairs for the rest of the day I brought him down too and put him in his little bed to rest in the living room. He kept sniffing his food from his bed but didn’t want to get out of it so I decided to scoop bits of food from the bowl and put it in his bed for him so he didn’t need to move… and then I decided it was easier for him to just eat it from my hand! He deserves it… he’s poorly!

Every hour or so after the initial injury started (it happened around 9am) I was picking him up and feeling his leg, trying to stretch it out and see how his mobility was. Every time I did this he was getting better, less irritated, and eventually showing no signs of discomfort at all – but he still wasn’t walking on the leg? How strange.

Finally, we took him to the vets and she couldn’t find any signs of a break, sprain, or anything that would be making him lame either. She conducted all the same checks that I had, clipped his nails, and suggested an injection of doggy paracetamol and rest. She said that if he is still lame in the morning we need to take him back into the vets for an X-ray, but it might just be that he pulled a muscle or twisted his leg a little while walking. Something that might just need to rest and fix itself. So that brings us up to speed!

The vet also commented how great he looks for 10 years old! Looking good Prince!


Prince has his anxiety issues, he walks in circles if he wants something but doesn’t know what to do about it, and has trouble trusting people, especially men. But he has a very special place in my heart! We always had dogs when I was growing up, but they were all medium to large breeds, and I always just wanted a chihuahua, not really for their typical personality traits, but just because I thought it was adorable how they are so small and look like puppies forever. Long story short I wasn’t allowed one! But my parents are both softies when it comes to animals in need. They were informed by a family member that they knew of someone on Facebook that was selling her chihuahua and needed him gone in just a few days time because this woman was moving house to somewhere that didn’t allow pets. She only wanted £250 for him and so they agreed that we could go view him seeing as she needed rid so quick. My mum and I showed up with the family friend who knew of this lady, knocked on the door, she came down with Prince, didn’t invite us in and just bundled him into my arms and asked for the money. We were all pretty speechless. This is your dog and you seem so unemotional about selling him? We literally were like… how old is he? is he house trained? erm……


She told us he was 2, she said ‘of course he’s house trained!’… he wasn’t, a few weeks after I got him we found loads of sneezy little poo’s UNDER MY BED. Gross. And she also told us that she bought him from travelers in a pub. Great start right?

We gave her the money and got the hell out of there, it really was the strangest interaction I have ever had with a person, when anyone asks where I got him I pretty much class him as a rescue dog because thats what I see him as.

We took him to check for a microchip, didn’t have one. We had him spayed and he needed the majority of his teeth removed due to them being so badly cared for. They literally looked like he had been kicked in the mouth, they were all dislodged and rotting. He would barely eat from a dog bowl at first, I remember when we first tried to feed him he looked at us like we were idiots and that the dog bowl had no relevance to him… and then when I sat down with my dinner he all of a sudden came to life like it was for him. Im not sure if he had just been fed from the plate previously but it was absolutely bizarre. His fears of men was insane, he would run away and hide, shivering in a corner or underneath something and that has taken so, so long to rectify. When I think back to how bad he was when we first got him its crazy that he’s some so far up to this point! He wouldn’t even wag his tail. When we first got him we also had an Akita and I really believe she helped him come out of his shell, and he was pretty much the only dog she liked so it was a win/win!


He never really learnt to play, Occasionally he will play with his food, but if you try to join in he stops and looks at you like you’ve ruined his game! Infact the other day he started playing with a potato we rolled along the floor for him! So maybe one day we can have some play time if that continues. He is 10 years old now (if he actually was 2 when we bought him) and he generally enjoys having his little walks, cuddling up to a person for warmth and going to sleep. He enjoys a little run around in the garden or when I get home from work when he is all excited and thats his life!

He gets along with dogs, as long as they aren’t too full on and try to play with him, he’s a gentle soul but can really stand his ground when he needs to. Puppies aren’t his fave… he starts snarling as if he’s a ferocious wild beast if they try to play with him.


Anyway I should probably wrap this up because I feel like my posts are generally too long and I could talk about dogs all day and night forever and ever!

As a summery, Prince is now resting his leg and we will see how he is tomorrow… hopefully he doesn’t need any x-rays and will be fine! Fingers crossed.

PS. I’m going to CRUFTS on Saturday and I CANT BLOODY WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will most definitely be doing a post all about it!

Love, Chelsea xxx



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    March 6, 2018 at 06:49

    Prince is so cute. Hopefully his leg gets better soon! It’s so great when you know you can give an animal a forever home. My kitty Chloe (who passed away on Halloween, two weeks before her 17th birthday) was with me since she was a year and a half old. I don’t really know how she was treated prior to me taking her, but just the fact that she was in three different households before the age of 2 is a bit unstable. I was glad I was able to give her a good home until she passed.

    • Reply
      March 6, 2018 at 09:48

      Thankyou! Well a little update, he is walking around happy as anything this morning! I’m thinking maybe be pulled a muscle that needed a bit of rest? 17 is a fab age for Chloe to get to! I bet she was thankful she ended up in a forever home. The love you get from a pet is so special ✨ xxx

      • Reply
        March 6, 2018 at 18:04

        Yay that’s good. 😄 My kitty Cameron once hurt himself while chasing a bug. He somehow cut his paw on something and had blood everywhere. I had to put him in the bathtub to wash out the wound and get the blood off him. He ended up being fine though.

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          March 6, 2018 at 22:57

          Aw the poor thing!! I’m glad he was okay in the end, a little love goes a long way! Xxx

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    March 6, 2018 at 15:31

    He is the cutest little pup!!xx

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    March 12, 2018 at 11:43

    […] put pressure on his leg and needed a vet visit which was all very dramatic, you can read about it here. The next morning guess what… he was running around happy as Larry, up and down the stairs no […]

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