March 24, 2019

Hi Lovelies,
Another Iconic London post coming atcha’! One of my favorite makeup up brands ever, but I didn’t even need to THINK when making this purchase. The Iconic London Illuminator is probably the most talked about and recommended highlighter out there, from celebrities, makeup up artists, to your nearest and dearest, I’ve never met a person who hasn’t loved or lusted over this product.
Available in 4 shades, the Iconic London Illuminator is the ultimate liquid highlighter. Promising to give a high shine glow when used on it’s own as a highlighter, or a warmth-from-within glow when used under foundation, mixed with your primer, mixed with foundation or mixed with moisturiser. Personally, I use the Iconic London Illuminator mostly under foundation, by applying a few drops onto a Beauty Blender and applying all over my face, following with foundation applied with the same beauty blender.
I have also used the illuminator as a highlighter after foundation, but you just need to remember to apply this before any powders to avoid the chance of product clogging. I am terrible for setting my foundation and then realizing I was planning to use a liquid highlighter!
[wpvideo GuXV8WmQ]
I feel like the Iconic London Illuminator is going to last a looooong time. A little goes such a long way that the 13.5ml bottle is more than enough for anybody. The frosted glass bottle is perfectly designed and feels so expensive and luxurious in your makeup bag, and the pipette gives you the right amount from one drop without any wastage.¬†Also, it’s 100% vegan!
I think it’s worth mentioning that the formula feels quite oily, so if you suffer with oily skin generally then it might not be great if you’re using it on your full face before foundation, but mixed, or afterwards should be fine. The plus side of the consistency means that the illuminator doesn’t cake with foundation, concealer, contour or powder at all. I’ve used a few liquid highlighters that look great, but as soon as a powder touches the formula, such as a setting powder, the highlighter starts going really cakey and congealed – no such thing with the Iconic London illuminator!
I have shade ‘Original’, which is a golden champagne colour, but it is also available in ‘Shine’ (frosted pinky pearl), ‘Blush’ (blush, rosy gold effect), and ‘Glow’ (the most amazing rich golden bronze shade). You can buy the Iconic London Illuminator here for ¬£30.
Like the Iconic London Prep-Set-Glow, the Illuminator also looks amazing when blended into collar bones/shoulders/everywhere!
Love, Chelsea xxx
Have you ever used the famous Iconic London Illuminator?

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    March 25, 2019 at 16:33

    Omg how aesthetically pleasing are these photos?! xxx

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