January 1, 2018

Hi Lovlies!



In the words of Iconic, if they were going to do an eyebrow product they didn’t want to give us another pomade or pencil… they decided to change the game with a brow CUSHION. With rich, pigmented colour and smudge proof, long lasting brows. Aaaaaaaand its vegan too, I’m not a vegan myself but anything 100% cruelty free that caters for everyone is a bonus.


When Katie (Jack’s brothers, girlfriend) first messaged me about this product I hadn’t seen anything of it on the internet, she was quick off the mark! As soon as I had a look on YouTube and Instagram I was obsessed. Im going to be honest… my video is not half as inspiring as the other ones available and probably wont make you feel like you NEED it, but you really do!

This is what Iconic say on their website about the Sculpt and Boost eyebrow cushion,

The first-of-its-kind, a cushion-like dispensing system allows your brush to become fully saturated in each of the rich, pigmented colours that are both smudge-proof and sweat resistant to ensure long-lasting, gradual eyebrows.
 Each cushion contains Vitamin E  renowned to help stimulate the growth of your natural brows,  alongside a unique vegan-friendly formula.  Each champagne-gold, mirrored compact includes a double -sided applicator with a spoolie at one end and an ultra-thin angled brush on the other to create hair-like strokes, for the most precise brow application yet – think micro-blading at home!


The packaging is beautiful, as with all Iconic products. I love the rose gold and the compact packaging complete with a brush too. Pretty enough to show off and be noticed but small enough to fit in your makeup bag and take with you wherever you want! I thought that the only colors Iconic did in this were fair, medium and deep, but theres actually an even lighter shade too called ‘cool fair’.


The brush I usually use for my brows is a small Bobby Brown one with a Revolution eyebrow pomade, so getting used to using something smaller and more precise was a bit of a challenge! My Bobby Brown one isnt super angular or precise, it just kind of does the job and that was always fine with me… until I tried this one! The angled side is so sharp and precise you can make the finest, hair like strokes, and then with the spoolie side you can brush the strokes out so they look more natural and blend in with your eyebrow hairs.


I love that you get two colors in one package. Personally, I think £27 for two colors and two different brushes, even though the brush is small, is really good value for money. I use the lighter shade on the inner parts of my eyebrow where the hair are less dense and then blended the darker shade in the further out I go, concentrating on the arch and tail point. I think that using the lighter shade on the inner and dark shade on the outer looks more natural.


My video is SUPER cringe but if anything I hope it shows how easy this product is to use given that it was my first ever ever ever try!

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 6.44.14 PM

Love, Chelsea xxx

Please comment below if you have this or are thinking of buying it! Do you find it easy to use? What do you think about the cushion feature? Do you like it or will you be sticking with a pencil/pomade?



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