April 21, 2019

Hi Lovelies,
Sorry for the recent radio silence… as in two weeks of no posts! The previous 5 posts had all been scheduled to to live while I was hosting a family member at our house, and then I went to Ireland. So it’s safe to say I’ve been a busy girl and haven’t written in a while! However, I have had time to be nice to my skin and do a few masks, and I’ve really enjoyed 2 in particular… 1 that you’re about to hear about now, and another that I’m going to tell you about on Monday… seeing as its a bank holiday weekend and all!
I’m not going to sugar coat this, this product is hella expensive. It was gifted to me and I’ve been using it very sparingly because it is ABSOLUTELY amazing, but I don’t want it to ever run out! At £187 I would be lying if I said it was something I will be regularly purchasing, however if I could afford to regularly buy it, I would use it every single week without fail! It is 100% the best mask I have ever used… ever.
La Prairie was founded in 1978 and the base of almost every product starts with their cellular complex, which is a recipe they created to promote the growth and turnover of skin cells. The recipe is so secret, that La Prairie use 3 laboratories to make different parts of the cellular complex before bringing it all together, meaning that non of the chemists or technicians who work on the complex know the exact recipe.
The 3-minute peel is a resurfacing mask, a home peel which promised to renew, refresh and revitalize the skin. The mask is only to be used once a week and works to help banish the old skin cells that are due to pack their bags, and bring in the young, new shiny cells which will give your skin a youthful boost. When I was given this peel I was told very seriously ‘DO NOT USE IT FOR MORE THAN 3 MINUTES!’, and I can see why!
When I use my La Prairie 3-minute peel I cleanse before hand, and then using a mask brush I apply a thin layer of the mask over my face, avoiding my eyelids and under my eyes. A little bit of a tingle is normal, but if you have sensitive skin then I would recommend doing a patch test before hand to make sure that you don’t experience any excessive redness or pain – which isn’t normal. The advise I got was totally right, DO NOT leave this mask on for more than 3 minutes! I was a bit naughty a while ago and tested keeping it on my face for 10 mins and my skin broke out with little reaction pimples afterwards, where as all of the other times I have used it following the instructions, my skin has felt soft and rejuvenated after removing the mask.
When the 3 minutes is up I have found that the best way to remove the mask is by soaking cotton pads in warm water, and swiping away the mask in outwards motions, from the middle of your face outwards. This is the most gentle but effective way I have found, much gentler than a hand cloth, but much more effective than just using water to splash the mask away.
The outcome? Absolutely smooth, refined, flawless skin. This is by far the best mask I have ever used, with consistent results every single time. I never want this mask to run out and I have already started to try and find a dupe (nothing has compared yet) because however much I love it, I can’t face paying the £187 price tag, even though I would absolutely say that it is WORTH it!
This mask is so boujee/boujie/bougie (whatever) that I always follow up with my next favourite mask, the Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Face Mask.
You can buy the La Prairie 3-Minute Mask here, for £187, and if you want to learn more about how the results of La Prairie shape up, I have found a fab review by Marie Claire linked here, where they tested a 6-step La Prairie skin care routine for 1 month to test the results.
Love,  Chelsea xxx

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