February 13, 2018

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Well, isn’t this a change to skin care and make up?!

For those of you who don’t know me personally, you might not know that I used to work at Victoria’s Secret, I absolutely loved working there and I now have a collection of bra’s to last me a lifetime (providing I don’t change in size)! Through working there it became very clear, very fast that a lot of women don’t know what size they are. So I thought why not make a post about a few tips and tricks I learnt in my time working there, for anybody that might be a little lost on bra’s and need a helping hand!


Lets start with a few little facts about bras and boobies for you;

  • You should be measured every 6 months, as your size may fluctuate due to hormone levels, exercise and lifestyle changes
  • Around 80% of people are wearing the wrong size bra
  • There is no evidence that wearing an underwired bra prohibits growth
  • There is also no evidence that underwriting will increase your chances of developing cancer
  • Worldwide, the average cup size is a B, but here in the UK it is 36D! The UK’s average bra size 10 years ago was 34B
  • Exercising without the right support can cause damage to your breast tissue, once your breast tissue is damaged it cannot be repaired! This can cause sagging and strech marks. Thats why is is so important to wear the right sports bra, with the right support level when doing physical activity.
  • Most women have unequal boob sizes, and usually, its the right one thats a little smaller that the left!
  • The average boob weighs 1.1lb
  • Sleeping face down can effect your shape, but it takes consistency and time so don’t worry too much!
  • The most common mistake when it comes to bra’s is that the wearer will overestimate the size of the band, and underestimate the size of the cup
  • Your bras should be stores as shown in the photos below, if you are twisting the middle (the centre gore) and folding your cups together you are damaging the most supportive part and wont be getting the most out of your bras!


The ones piled at the bottom of the second draw are my bralettes. When I took these photos I decided to count how many I had, and including bra’s, sports bra’s and bralettes I have 36… and that’s without including the ones I have recently thrown out and the ones in the wash, oops!

Depending on what boob shape you have, it can effect the styles of bra’s you should be wearing. I found an amazing poster giving examples of bra styles that will best fit different shapes/issues! It combines everything I learnt while working at VS but puts it into a quick, easy to understand format. Much better than I ever could! I found this poster on


Do you think you know your bra size? Grab a tape measure, just your average plastic or material one, and lets get measuring!

We will be measuring two places to determine you’re bra size. This measurement is just a guide and will depend on where your tissue is distributed in your boobs, to how a bra might actually fit. As an example, when we measure the cup size this might not be 100% accurate if your tissue is mostly around the bottom of your boobs, because when you put a bra on it will move up, and fill more of the cup than a measurement would be able to identify. But for the most part this is the best way to find out your size!


Firstly, Make sure you’re wearing a non-padded or unlined bra to get an accurate measurement.


Wrap the measuring tape around your back at the level your bra band is sitting. Bring the tape measure around to the front, it should be along your band, under each arm and then sitting on top of your bust, under the collar bone and on the chest. The measuring tape should land on a number, probably close to what you thought your band size was, for example 34. If the number you land on is odd, always round down to the nearest even number. This is your band size!

The reason I say it should land on a number close to what you thought your band already was, is because its unlikely you will land on 46 if you thought you were a 32, but you might land on 30 or 34.




Keep the tape measure around your back, but on the front bring it down to the fullest part of your boobs. The tape measure shouldn’t be too tight, so give yourself a deep breath in and out and let the tape measure slide to a comfortable position. You should be able to fit about two fingers between the tape measure and the middle of your cleavage. The measurement can land on any number, odd or even, but if you land on a half inch, round it up!



Time for the big reveal! Take your back size, for example 34. From there, however many numbers above 34 your cup size worked out as, represents a letter (A, B, C, D and so on). So if your band was 34, and your cup measured at 37, thats 3 numbers difference, the 3rd letter in the alphabet is a C, making you a 34C. If you had a 34 band and a 35 cup, that would make you a 34A, make sense?

Looking at it like this is a good way CUP ______  –  BAND ______ = NUMBER

0. AA   1. A   2. B   3. C   4. D   5. DD   6. E (DDD in USA sizes) 7. F   8. FF   9. G   10. GG (and so on)

I found a great chart to make this easier to understand here


Victoria’s Secret have also made a great video here showing you how to measure, as well as a size calculator so you don’t have to work it out on your own! Just be aware that they will be converting your size in US sizes, so anything above a DD will be a little different to UK sizes. Below is an international size chart that I found here for reference!

Bra size chart 1

In my time measuring and fitting bra’s I would regularly come across teenage girls who were being fitted for the first time, and often, they didn’t want to go up to a certain size. Even with myself and their mum/guardian telling her that her size was, lets say, a 32D, she would be unwilling to move up from a 32B or whatever it was she was currently wearing because she was embarrassed of having a bigger size bust than she thought ‘normal’ in her social group. She would become visibly distressed by the thought of even trying the bigger size on. Please, please please, don’t worry about the size! Just because you’re wearing a D cup (for example), doesn’t mean you need to tell anyone or that they will know. If anything, wearing a smaller size than you need will often emphasize the fact you have bigger boobs because it means you will be spilling over the cups, which can be visible through clothing. Your cup should always fit smooth to your breast tissue with no bulging or gaps, and the same goes for your band.

Can we just appreciate how hilarious this photo is by the way?! I couldn’t not use it because I burst out laughing at my happy little ‘swinging my bra’s around’ face! Year of the Woman and all that…fullsizeoutput_1985

Thats it from me today! I hope this was helpful to somebody, you never know! Please comment below if you have anything you think I should add, have any questions I might be able to answer, or if I’ve got anything wrong that might need changing!

Love, Chelsea xxx

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