June 23, 2018

Hi Lovelies!
This is my second empties post and I still can’t get used to using up my products and then keeping the empty bottles so I can write a post on them! So strange… I literally have a bag next to my desk/makeup area for empties, what is my life?
I finally managed to use up a few mascara’s in May. For the past couple of months I have been switching between three lash products, two in this post, and my Dior one in the last. Trying to find the perfect mascara is difficult task. I still want to try the Benefit BADgal Bang, mostly because their epic social campaign lured me in, curiosity killed the cat and all that!


How many times can I write about this? Do I even need to explain myself? This is simply an absolute staple in my day to day life. I don’t use as much of this as I used to, I pretty much use it exclusively to remove my eye makeup and then use my other cleansers for the rest of my face. I find that my other cleansers are great, but you need to use quite a lot to get rid of every single trace of mascara. And lets be honest, nobody wants to waste a tonne of nice cleanser to remove mascara if there is an easier option! So, this is my easy option.
WILL I REPURCHASE? Already have!
You can buy Garnier Micellar Water here from the Boots website. And I have mentioned it in my other posts here, here and here!


Again, I swear by this toner and have mentioned it a fair few times in my posts. I cannot recommend this product enough! Every single person who asks me about it, I’m straight in there with ‘YOU NEED IT’. It literally works wonders, and I haven’t yet a person yet who didn’t get results from this. Its also a really great product to introduce your skin to acids. Gentle enough to avoid an adverse reaction, but strong enough to be effective. My skin has done a complete 360 since changing my skin routine but I put a huge part of it down to this product.
WILL I REPURCHASE? I repurchased this with about 2 weeks worth of product left! I can’t go a day without it.
You can buy Pixi Glow Tonic here from the Cult Beauty website. You can read a full review of this product here


Yeah, I know. What crazy bitch is spending £103.50 on shampoo and conditioner?! Let me tell you, this is a painful amount of money to spend on shampoo and conditioner if you live with someone else, particularly a boy, who doesn’t know the price of these products and is using them willy nilly!
EVERY DROP IS SACRED! For me, I wont be spending this amount for 200ml in the future. For some this might be totally worth while. I get it, back when I completely damaged by hair from bleach and peroxide I wouldn’t have cared how much a shampoo or conditioner cost, if I knew it was going to bring my hair back to full health. It’s mortifying when you ruin the condition of your hair and its breaking off constantly, and when this was my life, I would have absolutely paid the price for this shampoo and conditioner and not regretted it one little bit. But, luckily for me, my hair is in pretty good condition and generally doesn’t need the TLC that this shampoo and conditioner is made to give.
Im used to using the massive bottles of Tresemme, so I was surprised how quickly I went through this product. I religiously shampoo twice and condition once so I tend to use a lot of product quite quickly. These bottles lasted my roughly two months and my hair is mid back legnth. I found that the shampoo didn’t lather up as much as I’m used to, so even if I wasn’t somebody who always shampoo’s twice, I would have definitely needed to with this product anyway to feel like my hair was been thoroughly cleaned. And ill give it this, it smells AMAZING. I feel bad saying that I wouldn’t use this again in the future, because I feel like this shampoo and conditioner is made to combat issues that I don’t have. But in the same note, not that we use products for compliments, but when I switched to using Mane ‘n Tail I was asked DAILY what hair products I was using, and they are a fairly low price point product. Where as when I used these, a high end shampoo and conditioner, I didn’t have one single person notice any difference.
I babbled on there, but I feel like if a shampoo and conditioner is that much of an investment it needs a bit of explanation!
If you feel like this is something you could benefit from then you can read all about the technology behind the products on the Sisley website here, and you can buy the shampoo here, and the conditioner here!


I have always been a liquid eyeliner wearer. I just think I need a little bit of something above my lashes otherwise I look oddly doughy and bare… I don’t know why, but its 100% a thing. I can hand on heart say that this is the most practical, easy to use, long wearing liquid eyeliner that I have ever used! Usually I absolutely hate pen type eyeliners because I don’t think they give you the same, deep, pigment that a dip liquid liner can. Not with this one! This eyeliner is just as pigmented as the next, it doesn’t transfer, lasts all day, and is incredible quick and easy to use. I could confidently say that anybody could use this eyeliner and achieve the perfect flick! One side of the liner is thick but with a flat tip, ideal for the eyelid. The other side is thin with a sharp point, best for the inner corners and the outer flick.
WILL I REPURCHASE? Yes! The only reason I haven’t yet is because I bought the NYX Matte Liquid Liner (full review here) and I have stopped wearing liquid eyeliner daily so Im not going through them as fast. Instead, I have even using an angles brush and applying dark brown eyeshadow for a softer day to day look. And then I whip out the liquid liner for a night on the town.
You can buy the Estee Lauder Little Black Liner here.


Finnnnaaaallllllyyyyyyyyyy! I find it really hard to find a mascara I like, maybe I’m picky, or maybe every girl has the same problem… do you? I wear mascara every single day, but not often do I think oh my god this is perfect! And not very often can I just use one mascara. For years, every day, I will use a mascara for formula, then grab another and use it for the wand, and then maybe go over it with another thats a happy medium, constantly chopping and changing the mascara I’m using for different reasons. For that reason I fell in love with this mascara. I just wish the wand was a little tiny bit fatter… because I like a fat brush.
Something that surprised me about how much I liked this mascara was the rubber bristles. I have always, always, always favored hair like, soft bristles on a mascara wand but this one did the job and you can’t knock it for that! Super black, super separating, super lengthening, super mascara.
You can buy the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Defining Lift and Fan mascara here.
FYI – This mascara is REMARKABLY similar to the Dior mascara I wrote about in my last empties post here. The wand on this one is just slimmer, straighter, and has less bristles around the tip.
This mascara surprised me! This is the first Sisley product I tried and I was blown away with the quality of it. Sisley is undoubtedly one of the best high end skin care brands that exists, but they aren’t necessarily a brand I think of when it comes to makeup. Never have I EVER got on with a comb mascara wand. Don’t like it, not enough product, too much product, can’t get my head around it, no. Until this one. Sisley have it DOWN when it comes to a comb mascara wand! This mascara does everything it claims it, volume, length, and curl. Sisley say that the mascara is infused with vitamin-rich peptide, which is supposed to physically lengthen and thicken your natural lashes within 2 weeks. Whenever a mascara, a coating product, claims to influence the growth of your natural lashes I’m always skeptical, but I can say that when wearing the mascara my lashes did look super, super thick as time went on. But I can’t say I noticed much difference without mascara on.
WOULD I REPURCHASE? Maybe… I liked the mascara, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it, nothing I couldn’t say say that was negative. But I just think you can get a mascara that is equally as good, for less money.
You can buy the Sisley So Intense mascara here.
And thats it! I feel like I should have more empties to go through but because I use quite a few products at the same time, alternative between them all, they just don’t do down as fast!
Have you used any of the products I have mentioned or have any suggestions for what I should try next? Let me know in the comments below!
Love, Chelsea xxx

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    Saffy Muna
    June 23, 2018 at 19:55

    I really need to try some of the micellar water! I use coconut oil to sometimes remove my makeup but it can get a little messy as it’s so oily!

    • Reply
      June 23, 2018 at 19:56

      The coconut oil will be so much better for your skin but for eye makeup I would 100% recommend trying micellar! Xxx

  • Reply
    June 24, 2018 at 17:48

    Girl I am shook at the price point of the shampoo and conditioner!! I love this empty post!!xx

    • Reply
      June 25, 2018 at 18:00

      I know!!! Definitely sticking to my old reliable Tresemme! Xxx

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