June 9, 2019

Hi Lovelies,
After seeing so much hype recently around high street foundations, I decided it was about time I went and tried one out for myself! I’m very much a believer of ‘you get what you pay for’ when it comes to makeup, especially in terms of coverage, finish and your skin’s reaction to it. For the past few years I have been using mid to high end foundations and haven’t looked back, but the industry is changing, And high street make up has caught up FAST, becoming just as good as the pricey stuff.
When I decided to go and get myself a high street foundation I turned to some of my favorite influencers for some inspiration (I’m a sucker for influencer marketing but have also never regretted a purchased backed by the people I follow so surely that says something?), one of the foundations that kept cropping up was the Maybelline Super Stay 24H Full Coverage foundation – so thats the one I chose.
Jamie Genevieve Youtube video using the foundation and some other Maybelline goodies –
First things first, I forgot how hard it is to colour match yourself in a shop with no help from any staff and with all of the testers missing/run out/in the wrong place… first world problems. Also, did anyone else know that they still sold Dream Matte Mousse? Because I almost fell on the floor.
Shade wise, the Maybelline Super Stay 24H foundation has 28 colours to choose from in different undertone shades which was nice to see! I settled on shade 125 Nude Beige which was pretty much a complete guess but luckily it was a good match! At the time I bought my foundation it was buy 2 Maybelline products for £10 in Superdrug which I thought was pretty amazing seeing as the foundation alone was £9.99?! So I also got a concealer.
A little bit of this foundation goes a long way, finish wise I would liken it to the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, the formula in the Maybelline is thicker than NARS, so it’s harder to achieve a sheer look, but then again if you’re buying a foundation with ‘full coverage’ in the title then my guess is that you wouldn’t want a sheer finish anyway.
The foundation blends super easy, I have been wearing it for around 3 weeks now and I’ve tried applying it with a beauty blender, brush and my fingers and it goes on well no matter what you use. What I’ve been most impressed with though, is the wear time. Oh my days, I am so, so pleasantly surprised with the way this foundation wears. Usually when using foundation which is a bit pricier its the wear time that really stands out. To last all day whether its a work day, a night out, or a day with a gym session thrown in, my experience has been that high street foundation can’t stand the test of time without going patchy or greasy. The Maybelline Super Stay 24H foundation has no problem making it through the day and into the evening without any wear or tear. Winning.
It dries down nicely without changing colour or making your face feel like its been set with plaster, and adding products such as powders or liquid highlights over the top is easy, with no signs of caking.
I’m super impressed with this foundation and can’t wait to get my hands on some more high street foundations, for £9.99 you can’t get much better quality – a foundation that blends well and stands the test of time is a yes from me.
Maybelline Super Stay 24H Foundation, £9.99 from Superdrug
Love, Chelsea xxx

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