June 16, 2019

Hi lovelies,
Seeing as we’re about half way through the year now, I thought it would be a good time to share my top 10 products of 2019… so far. 
Some of them were bought and reviewed last year but have carried me through and are now my fail safe go-to’s! 

Pixi Glow Tonic – £18 Cult Beauty

As if I haven’t spoken about this enough, this product totally changed my mind on toners! Toners have gone from being a ‘filler’ part of my skin care routine, to being an absolute essential. The pixi glow tonic is a liquid exfoliant and breaks down all the crap in your pores, leaving you with beautiful, glowing skin. An absolute must have for everybody.
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Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Cloud Cleanser – £24 Look Fantastic

The only makeup removing cleanser I now use! A tiny bit goes a long way and it takes no longer to remove a full night out face of makeup than it does just my simple every day work face. Super effective and leaves the skin feeling clean, not stripped. Be aware though that this cleanser really does just remove makeup, and if you’re looking for a cleanser to treat any skin issues you will need to use another one once your makeup is removed. 
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La Prairie Cellular 3 Minute Peel Mask – £187 La Prairie

Mostly because I have only let myself indulge in this mask the last 6 months, but oh my days the results every time are pretty spectacular. Due to the price, this one definitely won’t be a repurchase, but my GOD if you can afford to have this mask in your life, do. Any breakouts I have are taken care of, and my skin feels so smooth and resurfaced after use. My skin is literally glowing the day of use and the days following. 
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Maybelline Super Stay 24h Full Coverage Foundation – £9.99 Superdrug

This product shocked me the most in the last 6 months. I have a lot of different foundations in my collection, this one is the cheapest and 100% stands up against the best and most expensive of them! The colour is great, the finish is amazing, the wear time is impressive and the value is exceptional! Definitely one for everyone to try! Need I say more?
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Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer – £24 NARS

The pot that I’m using right now is my second, and I waited to start it until I finally purchased a decent flat brush. With my previous soft matte concealer I was using my fingers or the teeny tiny teardrop beauty blender to apply the product but I found I was going through it really quickly, now I’m using a flat brush it’s lasting forever and going on just as nicely, so I would definitely recommend making sure you have the right brush for this one! It literally blurry any dark circles and imperfections and lasts all day. 

Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara – £25 Harvey Nichols

I bought this last year and finished it this year, and I can very comfortably say it is the best mascara I have ever used! I haven’t repurchased yet because I had two other mascaras to use, but the moment they run out I’m going to be buying another. It is black as you can get and makes your lashes super long, thick and separated. 100% you wont look back!
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Amrezy x Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter – £29 Beauty Bay

Im a bit of a self confessed highlighter addict, and when this one came out I NEEDED it. I ended up being given it as a Christmas present and it didn’t disappoint! The colour is so lovely, such a light golden champagne colour and can be used anywhere. The highlight partials are super small so it looks extremely smooth and clean on application. My favourite highlighter yet! Thank you Harry & Katie!
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Organically You Avocado and Rosehip Facial Balm – £8.99 Organically You

This is the only moisturiser I use every single day without fail, not only on my face but anywhere that needs it (such as my legs)! It is so lovely, my skin feels nourished and fresh every time I use it. I’ve also found that is manages to clear up breakouts too… I’m not exactly sure how, but it does! I cleanse and tone, and then rub a pea sized amount of the avocado and rosehip facial balm into my hands before pressing it into my skin. If your skin feels greasy you’re used too much, but I find a pea sized amount does the job every time.
I have mentioned this balm in posts before here, and here

Garnier Ultimate Blends Almond Cream And Argan Oil Hair Mask – £2.49 Boots (currently)

This is something I very recently bought, I actually wanted the new super food mask but of course it was sold out everywhere, however it ended up being for the best as this mask is absolutely amazing and so cheap too! After dying my hair back brown from a year of bleach and toners, my hair has been in need of some TLC and I am amazed at how effective this hair mask is. I’ve always sworn by the Aussie 3 minuet miracle conditioner but honey, this is better. I love the pot design so that you can use it time and time again and know exactly how much you have left, and it literally transformed my hair after just one use! Just wash (shampoo only), towel off a little, apply the mask and leave for 1-5 mins… or all day/night like I do! And then rinse off and dry as normal.
Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 10.31.40 PM

Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo – £5.99 Superdrug

Never have I ever had as many compliments on the condition of my hair – as when I use this shampoo. The conditioner is just ok, but the shampoo seems to be the star of the show in this duo. Always lather, rinse and REPEAT to get the best result but honestly this shampoo cleans and strengthens your hair like a dream… and if you have any pets it is also safe to use on them too!
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Please let me know if you have used any of the above, or what your top picks of 2019 are so far!
Love, Chelsea xxx

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    June 27, 2019 at 18:26

    All of these products sound SO good, I would so love to have a snoop around your makeup collection, all your products always sound amazing. Amazing photography as always – hope all is well with you, we havent spoken in ages! xxx

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      June 30, 2019 at 14:00

      Thank you!! Haha it’s getting excessive 🙈 hope you’re well too! Happy 21st aswel! I’m 26 next week and it’s having my life that I’m getting older 💃🏼 xxx

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