December 1, 2018

It’s been a minute since I did an empties post! I feel like because I use a little bit of everything it takes me AGES to finish each product. I’ve finally become used to saving empty bottles now so that I have a decent amount to write about… its still strange but I didn’t accidentally throw anything away this time so thats always a bonus!


I looooooove this hair oil, and have already repurchased! It is part of my daily hair care routine and something I don’t even think about, but having had about a week between running out of my hair oil and re-purchasing, oh my god did I see the difference! My hair felt so dry and brittle and was getting frazzled and frizzy around the ends. At the moment my hair is brunette fading into an ash blonde/grey colour. Needless to say this means the lighter colour isn’t in prime condition as my hair is so dark naturally, so I need all the help I can get at the moment to bring it back to full health. This hair oil is a must and doesn’t break the bank.
OGX Renewing+ Argan Oil Of Morocco, £6.99 from Superdrug


I have a lot to say about this product! Before I left behind my staff discount at Harvey Nichols I stocked up on my favourite mascara, Dior Addict IT-Lash, but I was using the new Hourglass Caution mascara at the time and planned to go back to my trusty Dior as soon as I had finished the tube. Well, I now have a new favourite. So, while I thought I was being smart having two back up mascara’s before, I am now kicking myself because all I want to do is run to Harvey Nichols and re-purchase the Hourglass Caution again! Obviously I still like the Dior Addict IT-Lash, but Caution really does to it all, length, volume, separation and the deepest black I have ever had in a mascara, and I cannot wait to go back to using this once I have seen through my two Dior mascaras! Im trying really hard not to use my sample sizes in the Caution as I like to save these for holidays.
I wrote a full post all about the Hourglass Caution Mascara here, and you can purchase it for £26.00 from Harvey Nichols


Eyeshadow primers, yes. Face primers, I just don’t know if they are for me. Primers that I’ve used in the past have made me break out, however this one hasn’t done that at all. The Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer gives your skin a lovely smooth base for foundation, however I think if you have a good skin care routine then a moisturiser should do the same job, and I would say that about any brand of primer. I know a lot of people swear by a primer, but I don’t think they are something I personally need in my makeup bag. I have a packed draw full of products I need to get around to trying and I know there is an Armani primer in there, so once I have used the last of my Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer I will give the Armani one a shot, and then I will finally throw in the towel… unless it manages to change my opinion!
Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer Travel Size, £17.00 from Cult Beauty


This was bought for me as part of a set by my amazing friend Jasmine as a birthday present. I don’t think I can explain how absolutely amazing this product smells! It is the most luxurious texture like a thick silky honey and smells just as good as it feels. Not too sweet, just perfectly proportioned in every sense. I am currently using a Laura Mercier body wash but this is DEFINITELY a product I will purchase again or buy as a gift for somebody. I don’t think it is possible for anybody not to love this product! A little bit goes a very long way.
LUSH It’s Raining Men Shower Gel 100g, £5.50 


Can I talk about Organically You enough? Natural, organic, home made products that work. All of products that Rebecca makes at Organically You are so effective that I don’t hesitate to recommend her potions and lotions to everybody I meet. I like to use this balm as a moisturiser as a final stage to my skin care routine, but I also use it on any dry patches of skin I have, and as a primer. It is such an all round great product and I have written a full review on it before here if you want to know even more about it! Side note, I find this moisturiser so, so, so much more effective than my La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Age Delaying Cream… which is £252 for 50ml! And yes, I already have a back up in my collection.
Organically You Avocado & Rosehip Cream 60ml, £8.99


Honestly, I don’t know what to say about this product. I bought this as the same time as I bought the Mario Badescu acne facial cleanser, drying lotion, silver powder, almond & honey face scrub and aloe, herbs and rosewater facial spray… so, its fair to say I basically bought everything that the Mario Badescu website and collegues told me I needed! It was around the same time that I decided to ditch the makeup wipes and really take care of my skin which is why I went on such a Badescu binge. As I looked into how to use the product within my routine it turned out its only real purpose was either as a mind toner (I was already using the Pixi Glow Tonic) or to remove the silver powder… waste of I started to improvise and as it turned out I did like this product, but is it necessary? No. I wrote a full review on the cleansing lotion AGES ago here, but basically if you already have a cleanser and a toner, there is no need for this product. I quite liked using it to sweep over my face after removing a face mask, to take off the silver powder, and after cleansing on days I hadn’t worn any makeup so there was no need for a full double cleanse. I wouldn’t use it in place of a toner or cleanser, because its more of a hybrid product. Will I repurchase? No.
Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Lotion, £13.00 Beauty Bay


I can’t live without this product… it is so multi purpose I use it for everything! Firstly, I love to use this as a setting spray to bring back the glow after using powders and making my face feel refreshed again. I use it to smooth down any stray hairs when I pull my hair back in a tight pony tail and in the sun its a great little product just to spritz all over yourself to refresh. If my skin is being sensitive or I’ve had a reaction I will also spray it over my face after cleansing instead of using my more abrasive products. I have already repurchased this and I think I will be using this for a long, long time!
Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater, 236ml. £11.00 from Beauty Bay . There is also a 118ml mini version for £7 if you want to give it a try before buying the full size, and I wrote a full review on this product here.


Okay, so. I have loved this cleanser and really enjoyed using it but holy shit am I glad to see the back of it! If I didn’t have about 5 other cleansers that I have been excited to try then I would have been over the moon that this cleanser had lasted so long and was so effective throughout, but because I’ve been waiting SO long to try my new cleansers I have been willing for this bottle to come to an end, bad I know. It’s my own fault really, when I first started to use this cleanser I kept breaking off and trying different products, using my sample sized products etc which meant this one wasn’t been used consistently for about 6 months, because of this, I have been using this cleanser since JANUARY. A WHOLE YEAR! Obviously, that wasn’t consistent, everyday use until the past 4 months or so, and even now I still like to switch it up from time to time but even so a little goes a very, very long way and this is a great cleanser, and super effective, once I started using this consistently my skin definitely improved! I would use this cleanser again but I have so many others that I need to get through that this isn’t a re-purchase for right now, but maybe in the future. I wrote a full review on this product here.
Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser £14.00, Beauty Bay


Repurchased. Need I say more? I have raved about this on every form of social media, to everyone at work, to all my friends, to my family. Everybody knows I love this product and it is deffo one of my top 3 favorite skin care items, my holy grail toner! With the powder of glycolic acid it does exactly what it says on the tin, makes your skin GLOW. Pixi Glow Tonic dissolves away dead skin cells and reveals a renewed and rejuvenated complexion that can do no wrong. You can read my full review here.
Pixi Glow Tonic 250ml, £11.00 Cult Beauty


Garner Micellar Water is a staple for most makeup lovers. So much better for your skin than makeup wipes and removes makeup just as easily, and much gentler. I think this is a fantastic product and I have written about it time and time again, however this is no longer a re-purchase for me! In a bid to treat my skin as nicely as I possible can, I have decided not only to ditch the makeup wipes, but also the micellar water! I now remove my makeup with cleanser only and my skin feels so much better for it. However I still have love for this product and always will!
Garner Micellar Water 400ml, £5 Tesco
I think it might be time for me to write an updated skin care routine soon, as I have recently switched some products out and replaced with some new faves!
Let me know your thoughts on the above products or any you would recommend or have been loving recently.
Love, Chelsea xxxxx

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    This is an amazing empties post, all of the products seem so amazing and luxourious!! xx

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