December 27, 2017

Hi Lovlies!

Im really excited about todays post, let me introduce to you my favorite skin care brand – Organically You.


I love the story of how this brand came about, so lets kick off with hearing it from the founders own words…

I began my journey many years ago when my daughter had struggled with severe Eczema that became a never ending battle. GP prescribed creams were having little effect, yet causing such long term damage to her skin. So I decided to take action and began researching natural alternatives. I started my holistic skincare training and began trialling various ingredients until I had perfected the Eczema Balm. I was astonished at how effective the balm was on just the first few uses. It was at this moment I came to realise the healing power of natural ingredients. Organically You was formed late 2016 and is based in the beautiful leafy area of Roundhay in Leeds. Our organic skincare products are handmade right here in Yorkshire. We have a passion for taking care of skin and believe everyone can achieve a healthy, glowing and youthful appearance naturally. Our products are made in small batches ensuring the freshest products for our customers and preserving all the wonderful nutrients. Each ingredient is of the highest quality and has been sourced from only the best natural and organic suppliers. These ingredients are selected for their qualities in repairing, healing and anti-ageing performance. Specialising in all skin and body conditions. We have a passion and believe in the power of these natural products in lovingly transforming your skincare and your life. Always be organically You. Lots of love Becca ❤️

When she says they source only the best – she means it! Rebecca orders the purest ingredients from all over the world and is literally a miracle worker.


Everything I have used from Organically You has WORKED. Rebecca is so approachable and knowledgeable about her products that you know whatever she suggests is going to be the right thing for you personally. You wont be sold anything just for a bit of profit! Rebecca trials variations of her products on herself, friends and family until the blend is right and as perfect as it can be, rather than just throwing ingredients together that are generally good for a certain issue – she will not sell anything to the public until they actually have effective results and I think that is what makes me love these products so much.



(Not my photo – this is one from the Organically You Facebook page)

The proof is in the pudding, for my birthday this past year I received the Avocado & Rosehip balm (£8.99-£14.99) and I actually prefer it to my high end moisturisers! It leaves your skin SO soft without being greasy and you only need a pea sized amount. Jack and I used it for the first time in the Lake District and both of us had noticeably brighter skin the next day with fewer blemishes (I was trying to get over a skin reaction on my cheeks at the time). You will notice on my photos that the packing is different even though its the same product – this is purely because since owning my first few bits the packaging has been developed further :).



(Not my photo – this is one from the Organically You Facebook page)

Another of my fave products is the Turmeric Balm (£7.00-£15.99) for arthritis and joint pain. I don’t personally suffer from arthritis but I do have a knee that creeks and generally hurts quite regularly and repetitive strain injury under my left shoulder blade (from folding panties at Victoria’s Secret hahaha!). Whenever my shoulder or knee plays up I use this balm and I swear I can feel the pain absolutely melt away! I know I should use it regularly to prevent my knee or shoulder playing up at all but I do struggle to keep up to things like that! Side note… The turmeric balm smells so nice, it reminds me of Tom Ford’s ‘Tobacco Vanille’.


Now… this next product is actually magic! Rebecca was working on this formula for the best part of a year and trialling it on herself. She would stick to one variation of the spray for a few months before realising it wasn’t going to make any difference, trial another, over and over until one day her partner said to her ‘Becca, why are you fatter on one side?’, Guess what Rebecca did? She was so excited she ran around the house asking her children if they could see the difference too! Because this meant the formula was actually working! Rebecca had been rubbing the Magnesium Oil Spray (£12.50-£19.99) on one side of her body only, so that when it started working the difference was absolutely clear as day.


This is what she said on her Facebook post about the spray… and look at that before and after!!! This is what her body looked like at the time and she then had to only use it on the other side of her waist to even herself out!

Are you looking to reduce water retention and body fat naturally??……………. if so this new product is definitely for you!
Using a blend of oils and high quality magnesium to create a natural Magnesium Oil spray. The picture below show one side non magnesium spray and the other side 4 weeks using 5-10 sprays morning and night.
The real visible results are amazing, fatty deposits reduced along with excess water retention, which left a smoother reduced waistline. This product can be used on any targeted area of the body, whilst also increasing magnesium levels in the body, which helps muscle and joint pain.


If you decide to purchase this product don’t be surprised when you feel the tingle! As your body absorbes the magnesium it tingles quite a lot, especially if you use it at the back of your arms and on the inside of your thigh like I did! Also make sure you wash your hands after rubbing it in.

I don’t suffer from psoriasis so havnt personally used this product but this before and after from one an Organically You customer is just too amazing not to share, so here is their photo and a little review too;

14900362_1682851115338106_6128609123740441_nIt makes me so happy to receive amazing client reviews. You don’t have to suffer with psoriasis! My client and now also a great friend, used my amazing Bath Melts – x6 £5 and The life changing Eczema Balm £8.50 60ml & £14.50 (130ml), for 1 week!!!
‘Client Review (psoriasis)’
‘Hiya love just wanted to show you this, my arms on the 11th October, pic on the right and now after using your cream and bath melts! I cannot thank you enough. Miracle worker Only been a week of using them! Amazing x X’

And finally, I just wanted to show you a photo of what the Organically You packaging used to look like, all the way to where it is now. So amazing to see such progression in such a short space of time! The glass bottles are so lovely and it means that with such rich ingredients inside you can keep them fresh and powerful for the life time of your product, without getting any nasty plastic particles breaking down into your skin care.


Organically you is available on both their website linked here, or their Facebook page linked here. Have I made it clear enough how highly I think of this brand?!

Love, Chelsea xxx

Please please please let me know in the comments if you have ever tried/heard of Organically You or if you have every heard of them! I included Organically You in a post I did about my beauty essentials, linked here if you would like to take a look!

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