April 28, 2018

Hi Lovelies!
Revolution vs Tom Ford… polar opposites, especially in price!
I’ve never used a stick foundation before, I always felt like I would use them super fast, and that the coverage wouldn’t be there. How wrong I was. The first stick foundation I really took notice of was the Iconic foundation stick, Im absolutely obsessed with Iconic at the moment because everything I’ve tried from them so far has been so amazing. Infact maybe I should have bought that one too and put it in the mix as a mid-range item! When I first saw the amazing videos of the Iconic stick foundation being put to use I was so shocked at the amazing coverage you could get! It looked so smooth and buildable that it totally changed my opinion on them, but, I just wasn’t sure it was something I could get used to using every day. When you’re so set in your ways using a liquid foundation it just feels so strange using a stick! When I saw everyone using the Revolution stick foundation my attention kind of went away from Iconic, and I also remembered that I had a Tom Ford stick foundation hidden away somewhere that I had never used! So what better time to compare the two?
Iconic Pigment Foundation Stick comes in 18 shades, 8g of product, and is £24.99…lets face it, I’m probably going to end up trying that one next!


Yeah, the Revolution one was a little too light!


Before Foundation – my skin is having a mare at the moment!


Okay, firstly, its £5. Any foundation at £5 is a bloody good deal, and Revolution hasn’t failed us so far! Secondly, a £5 stick foundation that comes in 18 shades? Lets have a round of applause for Revolution!
I love the look of the Revolution packaging, its simple, it reminds me a lot of the KKW packaging. Nude and rose gold isn’t going to have anyone unhappy surely?! The product itself is really light weight and is smaller than I thought it would be. The foundation contains no SPF, this can be a good or bad thing really. Good because it protects your skin without you having to even think about it, but bad because SPF in foundations gives you flash back in photos. Have you ever noticed that in person your makeup looks fine and the same colour as your neck, and then a photo is taken and your whole face is glaring back and standing out? Its most likely the SPF in your foundation causing that! The stick foundation contains 6.5g of product.
On first impression I was surprised with the coverage, really surprised! It went onto my skin super smoothly, there was no dragging what so ever! I did three stripes on each cheek, one on my forehead, one closer to my eyebrows to carve them out a little, one on my chin, and a little on my nose. I wasn’t sure really how to blend it in, but I didn’t feel like a beauty blender would do a great job, so I used a fluffy foundation/buffing brush instead. Im pretty sure the brush I used is supposed to be a contour brush but its a very similar shape and density to the Fenty foundation brush which is amazing, and it did the job just fine so who cares what its supposed to be for! I couldn’t believe how FAST and EASY it was to blend this foundation in! I felt like my makeup was done so much quicker! I did add a little more on the cheeks and over any spots and then blended in again.
After finishing the rest of my makeup I was quite pleased with the result! I think I could have gone for a darker shade though. The one I chose was F2 and I think it’s too pink and generally too light for me, but for £5 it means that if you go slightly wrong with the colour you arent left feeling as hard done by. You just have to use more bronzer! The coverage was pretty damn good, sometimes with this kind of product if its too sheer it pretty much just blends into nothing and you waste a lot of product trying to build it back up again. When I was applying the foundation the product seemed like it was melting and like I could feel the stick going down in size, so I’m not sure how long it will last. I like a medium-full coverage and thats exactly what I got. I went to meet my friends later on and my foundation lasted well, didn’t cake or move at all really! Nobody noticed that I had changed my foundation which is good, it meant I looked normal! It did go a little greasy as the night went on – nothing more powder wouldn’t fix!
You can buy the Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation here


Bit of a difference in price with this one! At £5 for the Revolution one, anyone can afford to try it. The Tom Ford traceless foundation stick foundation is a hefty £66, thats a premium foundation if there every was one! So if you’re going to invest in this one, you need to be sure its worth the money.
The Tom Ford traceless foundation stick comes in an impressive 22 colours, and a hefty 15g worth of product, more than double the Revolution stick foundation… but it is more than 13 times the price! Moving on to packaging, its gorgeous. It feels so luxury to hold, it has a good weight on it and the metal accents look amazing. It stands out in your makeup bag immediately, infact, its so nice you can just stand it on your dresser so it looks pretty all by itself rather than hiding it away! If you haven’t tried Tom Ford make-up before, you definitely should. Even if you jus go for a swatch or for a makeover on their counter so you get to see what the products are like – you will not be disappointed! I use their bronzer daily and honestly think it will last forever! The pan is pretty much the size of my face.
The actual foundation stick is a lot bigger in circumference than the Revolution one, so I feel like you don’t need as much product. It glides onto the skin easily and buffed out to a gorgeous dewy, medium coverage. I added some more onto the places I always need more, like my cheeks and jaw, and then I was done. Depending how much coverage you want this foundation can cater for light-full coverage. Honestly, I REALLY liked the coverage, finish and colour of this foundation. The colour match is pretty spot on to my current colour which is always a winner! But it was the finish I was really shocked with, it didn’t look cakey at all, I had no build up of product anywhere and it hadn’t sunk into any fine lines. This foundation is SPF 15, so like I said before, it could have a flash back effect which isn’t great, but is does protect your skin which is good, swings and roundabouts!
I wore the foundation to work on a busy Saturday, on the beauty floor of a department store! So the pressure was really on for this foundation to perform! The thing about working on a cosmetics department is that your colleagues are always looking for something new to try, and we all notice when somebody is wearing something different to usual, and want to know what it is, where it’s from, how much it is, how to apply it and what the feedback is! So, as soon as I arrived at work on Saturday I was asked if I was wearing a different foundation to me usual YSL touché eclat le teint. Throughout the whole day four people noticed the difference and asked what I was using, considering how busy we were I was shocked that my new foundation was actually noticed! The feedback from my colleagues was positive, and throughout the whole day there was no fading, no build up and no oily patches either!
I also noticed that there was less transfer with this foundation, since I upped my skin care routine I have found that my YSL foundation has been going more oily throughout the day and not working with my skin as well, it never really feels dry when when I’ve set my makeup, just moving my hair away from my face can result in my hands having quite a lot of product on them! The Tom Ford foundation had non of that. When I was still in the process of applying my foundation I accidentally caught my cheek with my little finger and there was no transfer or smudge left in place. I was really impressed!

  • Price? Revolution wins this one! Nobody can be mad at a £5 foundation!
  • Quality? Tom Ford all day errday. The way it lasted on my skin was amazing, and when I actually apply the product I dont feel like I’m even making a dent in the Tom Ford where as the Revolution stick seems to be going down remarkably fast.
  • Packaging? I LOVE the Revolution nude and rose gold, but Tom Ford wins this one too! It’s just more weighty and feels so luxury.
  • Finish on the skin? For me this is Tom Ford. The Revolution didn’t offend me at all! But I just preferred the consistency and longevity of the Tom Ford. When I used the Revolution one I though about how great this could be for holidays or after the gym if you want to get ready fast, have something buildable, that looks nice. For that, it does the job 100%, but I wouldn’t wear it for a night out. But the Tom Ford is actually a buildable foundation you could wear on a night out, day time, holiday, whenever. It’s GORGEOUS and can be worn as light or heavy as you need it to be – without using a bucket load of product. It stays dewy all day and never separates or cakes around areas of the face such as the nose and mouth. The Revolution foundation went a little greasy around my nose by the end of the day but the Tom Ford stayed fresh which is why it wins this round.
  • Other points? I love that Revolution is cruelty free and VEGAN! I don’t think that should just get swept under the carpet for this review. They prove that you don’t have to sacrifice the affordable price point to go cruelty free! It saddens me that the huge players in the game are willing to throw away the cruelty free label that attracts so many, just to enter the mass markets in other countries. What a shame! Money talks…
  • Half/Half test? Well, I was actually AMAZED when I took the photos for this post after testing the foundations out one by one. When I did half on each side you could barely tell the difference. I was talking to Jack about this post and explained I had half a face of each foundation as we were speaking, when he asked which was which I couldn’t remember and couldn’t tell the difference to find out either! But when I had a full day wearing each product I could tell the difference by the end of the day, the Revolution one definitely went more greasy, but on appearance straight off the bat? THE SAME!
  • Which one would I repurchase? Well, I know i’ll be wearing the Tom Ford one religiously, but to be honest – for £5 I can cope with a little grease and just use extra setting powder! £66 is a lot for a foundation, and although it is the better of the two, they are remarkably similar, so for me, I will be repurchasing the Revolution one if I ever need another stick foundation. But if I ever wanted a new foundation and have £66 spare, I know the Tom Ford one will always work!






Have you ever tried a stick foundation? Have you ever tried these ones or anything else from Tom Ford or Revolution? Let me know in the comments below!
Love, Chelsea xxx

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    April 30, 2018 at 11:34

    Omg the Tom Ford foundation looks SO gorgeous. Buuut £66 is so expensive for a foundation, especially considering the Revolution looks so good too! I love this post!!xx

    • Reply
      April 30, 2018 at 11:59

      I am in loooove with the Tom Ford and thought there would be a massive difference when I wore one on each side of my face but I couldn’t see the difference at all really! Thankyou! Xxx

  • Reply
    May 31, 2018 at 23:13

    I love how you say “So if you’re going to invest in this one, you need to be sure its worth the money.” meanwhile you have just had it hiding away somewhere. for however long.
    Glad you finally got to play with it.
    I so want a white foundation stick, just haven’t found one yet. I know they are out there, just haven’t seen them while out and about.

    • Reply
      June 1, 2018 at 08:01

      🙈 I know right! I need to do an update on this actually as after a week or so of wearing the Ton Ford to work daily it was non existent by the end of the day and super oily. Such a shame because it looked great at the beginning of the day and so fast to apply xxx

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