May 12, 2019

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I’m super excited about this post! As a lot of you may know, I used to work in a department store on the cosmetics floor, and along the way I met so many absolutely incredible makeup artists and so I decided to do a little series of interview style posts with some of the beauties I had the pleasure of working with. I asked friends and my Instagram followers to tell me what questions they would ask a makeup artist if they could ask them anything, and compiled them all together for the artist to answer!
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Today’s post is an interview with the amazing Seema Ghir who works on the NARS counter at Harvey Nichols Leeds as Assistant Manager. Seema was the first person I ever trusted to do a full face of makeup on me for my 24th birthday and she did an amazing job, making the experience absolutely relaxing and fun. She asked me questions about my preferences every step of the way and made sure it was all going in the direction I was happy with… I sat on the chair completely unprepared with no idea what I wanted and Seema asked what colour my outfit would be for the evening and we worked up from there to make the makeup to match!
About Seema;

I’m Seema Ghir, I’m 25 years old and have lived in Leeds practically my whole life. I’m the Assistant Manager at NARS Harvey Nichols Leeds. I have been in makeup learning and working for 8 years.

How did you get into makeup? Is it something you studied, or are you self taught?

I started to realise I was really into makeup when I was 16, I was always experimenting with different makeup products, mainly my mums and grandmas. I then went to university and studied hair and specialist makeup for two years. I believe that every makeup artist will always be classed as self taught because you’re constantly learning new tips and tricks everyday, whether it’s something you watch or just randomly do.

Before you became a makeup artist did you have a natural flare for makeup, or is it something you were interested in and made an active decision to develop?

Well I used to always do my family and friends makeup before we’d go to any event, but never thought anything of it. It was actually my mum who said that I should go into it because she could see my passion for it and to be honest I’m glad she pushed me. Now they don’t stop asking me to do their makeup!

What is your biggest artistry achievement?

My biggest achievement would probably be the progression I’ve had doing makeup and how I’ve slowly become more confident to show off my passion. I look back at some of my work and I can really see the difference in how I see makeup from then to now.

Who do you go to for makeup inspo?

I mean social media is the biggest platform for inspo but my favourite makeup artists are probably Hung Vanngo , PatrickTa and Nikki_makeup. They literally make makeup look so incredible and effortless.

Have you ever done makeup on somebody who is famous?

Last year I did Vogue Williams’ makeup before she went onto a TV programme! We literally only had 30 minutes to create the look but it looked lovely!

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What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is that people feel comfortable enough to trust me to do their makeup and make them feel fabulous!

Any top makeup tips?

My only top makeup tip would be to make sure your skin care is 10/10 for your skin type.

Is there any ‘make up rule’ that you don’t believe in?

I don’t think there are any makeup rules, just do what makes you feel confortable!

What is the best way to prep the skin for flawless makeup?

Honestly skincare is SO important. I always prep skin using a NARS cleanser and toner and a moisturiser and then apply eye cream and lip balm. When using skincare always make sure you really massage it into your skin so your skin can feel the benefits of it. By the time you come round to actually applying the base your skin will feel plump and smooth. SPF is also really important to wear, I use the NARS Radiance primer which has an SPF35 and another reason why I love it is because it gives a glowy finish.

Do you have any tricks up your sleeve for achieving looks such as widening the eyes/cat eye appearance?

Eye makeup is always a category where you need to experiment so you can learn different tricks and techniques. When doing a smokey eye to tease the look and make the eyes look bigger I always like using a nude eyeliner in the water line whilst keeping the dark smokey colours close to the lash line.

What is your top pick for long wearing foundation that lasts all day?

To make foundation last on the skin, again I would focus on the skincare and slowly build up the base makeup rather than going in heavy. Most of the time if you apply too much product straight away it’s more likely to crease and move. Translucent powder is also a good product, I apply it using a brush and use circular motions to push the powder into the base.

Do you have any tips for achieving dewy skin on different skin types? (oily/normal/combination/dry)

To create a dewy skin on all skin types I would again focus on the skincare that suits your skin type and then I like to layer on different formulas of Radiance and highlights. Radiance primers is always a good start for a dewy skin. Also mixing in liquid illuminators into your base gives an perfect all over glow and then layering powder on top on all the high points of the face gives a bit more of a prominent highlight.

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How do you stop creasing under the eye and on eye lids?

Creasing makeup is such a pain especially around the eyes. For the eyelids I would always recommend a eyeshadow primer, and then layering creams and powders. For underneath I do think when you apply too much Concealer it will always crease because it is a slightly thicker texture, if you find it’s creasing a lot baking is always a technique that works, however I’m not a big fan of too much product under the eye so I always lightly dust translucent powder to set the makeup.

What are your top 3 NARS products?

My top 3 NARS products would have to be Multi Action Hydrating Toner, Sheer Glow Foundation & Casino bronzer. (But I do love the concealers & Orgasm loose illuminating powder!)

Any advice for aspiring makeup artists?

My advice for any aspiring makeup artists would be to believe in yourself and to constantly practice and educate yourself. The industry for makeup is huge and I always find that comparing and doubting your skills will only push you away from your passion! Also thinking outside the box is always a good trait to keep you being creative and to visualise everything differently.

If you want to follow Seema on social media, her Instagram name ‘seemaghirmua’ and if you want to book in with Seema for a makeover her email address is You can also find Seema at NARS Harvey Nichols Leeds where you can book in too!
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Please let me know in the comments or via my social links if you have any questions you would ask a makeup artist, as there will be more of this style post to come!
Love, Chelsea & Seema xxx

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