October 14, 2018

Hi Lovelies!
Ya girl is excited about this post. oH mY dAyS!!!!! If you don’t follow Jamie Genevieve on Instagram or Youtube, you need to. She is one of my favourite influencer/youtubers because she’s so real. I don’t mean to sound like I’m putting any other influencers down, no shade over here! I have a handful of people who I regularly watch, keep up to date with and trust their recommendations but I feel like a lot of influencers get too caught up on being PC, likable and articulate and sometimes it takes away from the relatability of a person. There are a few people I follow and like but then when I watch them on a video you can tell that they are trying so hard to talk really clear and pronounced and won’t really show anything else other than ‘nice’. It feels very filtered, and in a world where everything is filtered, honey, we can sniff it out in a millisecond.

I like that Jamie and her fiancé Jack will film themselves having a great time and then openly talk about being hungover the next day, she doesn’t try to sound eloquent, when Jamie talks to the camera about something she sounds naturally conversational like she’s just chatting with a friend and I think that goes a long way to having accrued such a huge following. She also comes from a place of being a working make-up artist in a department store and knows the struggle. I think thats why I trust her opinion so much, if she talks about liking a product I’m willing to go out and buy the product myself in the belief that its going to work because she isn’t just someone who got into makeup for the money, she was a retail artist who knows what works, what doesn’t, and how to use it properly.
Anyway, thats my opinion and introduction on Jamie and I hope you love her as much as I do… #fangirl.
SO, TO THE LIPSTICK! MAC do a lot of things well, and always have. When I was growing up they were the only ‘high end’ brand anyone really knew of and wanted in their makeup bag, no other brand saw a look in, but now there is so much more competition in the market I think people are forgetting how good MAC still is. Especially when it comes to their absolutely unrivaled lipstick collection.
I 100% wanted to take photos of this lipstick looking all shiny and new because lets face it, whats more satisfying than a brand new lipstick? But I missed the first delivery, and then it was redelivered about 3 minuets before I left for the Britney Spears concert and I wanted to wear it straight away! I applied it in the car and then continued to use it before taking photos – sorry.
The MACxJamie Genevieve lipstick launched on August 15th 2018 along with the MACxPatricia Bright lipstick (Patricia being another one of my fave’s to follow) and was exclusive to MAC and Selfridges. I was VERY tempted to get both lipsticks but I knew that Patricia’s shade wasn’t going to be one I would wear/that would suit me so I decided to be good and stick to just one! Im a massive fan of a nude lip and very rarely wear any other colour on my lips, I just don’t feel like colour suits me much, especially because my lips are quite thin! I have definitely considered getting lip fillers before but I just don’t think I could handle the maintenance of getting them topped up so often so for now you will just have to deal with my thin lips to model this amazing lipstick!

If you’re a regular to MAC lipsticks, the closest shade I can describe this colour as is somewhere in between Myth and Cherish. It is a pale, satin finish nude that can be transformed with a darker lipliner or worn on its own if you like a pale nude. Truth be told this lipstick is probably paler than I would usually go for, but I absolutely love it worn with Spice lipliner. I love the consistency of MAC lipsticks when you put them on but I don’t find they last as long as some other brands, because of this I would definitely recommend coloring your lips with a liner before applying the lipstick, or using a lip primer to give the lipstick something to grab on to. Even though the lipstick is satin finish it is not shiny to sticky, it just isn’t matte. If that makes sense…


This was the moment I realised I have lost my Cherish lipstick… gutted. Top to bottom we have Velvet Teddy, Yash, Jamie Genevieve.


Lets all appreciate how hilariously uneven my lip shape it ahahaha #notbadliplinerjustbadlips

This is definitely my new fave lipstick. I usually wear YashCherish or Velvet Teddy, but Velvet Teddy can sometimes be a little bit deep/rosy on me and make my whole makeup look very full on, where as the MACxJamie Genevieve lipstick can be worn day or night and always compliment whatever vibe I’m going for.
I hope this was useful for anyone who has been pondering over the purchase, you wont regret it! The MACxJamie Genevieve lipstick is still available to purchase here from the MAC website for £17.50, and here at Selfridges for £17.50.
Love, Chelsea xxx

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    October 19, 2018 at 15:09

    This lip colour really suits you, I don’t think I would like it, it’s too pinky for me Xx

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      October 21, 2018 at 20:28

      Thank you! It is suuuuper nude but it’s become my new fave! Xxx

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