March 12, 2018

Hi Lovelies!

So, we moved in on the 19th Feb, but on Tuesday 6th March our beautiful bed frame finally arrived!!!!!

I gotta tell you, its pretty good to be up in a bed instead of on the floor! We have a spare room with a lovely bed and nice memory foam mattress but we just wanted to be sleeping in our own room and feel at home. Our mattress is hella thick so it wasn’t uncomfortable in the slightest – just low down!


It arrived while Jack and I were both at work, so Jack’s mum and dad very kindly waited at ours for it to be delivered and built, and then put the mattress on and made the bed for us. They didn’t send us any photos of the bed for us to see before we got home because they said the photos wouldn’t do it justice, and they were totally right! We got it from Barker and Stonehouse and although he had a few issues with the delivery, it is just so nice now it is here! We loved pretty much everything we saw in Barker and Stonehouse and will definitely be going there in future for our furniture.


I have taken some photos for you guys to see but seriously, it looks so much better in real life, I absolutely love it! We feel really grown up with our king size solid wood bed! Jack and I were both saying how its like a ‘mummy and daddy bed’, and by that we do not mean that we want to become a mum or dad just yet, but its like a proper family bed. Is it just us that think your parents bed was always a lot comfier than your own? Thats what we mean, it reminds me of when I was younger and I would climb into my parents big bed and it was so much comfier and better than my bed. hmm… That might not make any sense and I don’t reallllyyy know how to explain it properly but I hope you get the gist of it!


If you read my last post you will know that my little dog Prince hurt his leg, he was crying and whining, would not put pressure on his leg and needed a vet visit which was all very dramatic, you can read about it here. The next morning guess what… he was running around happy as Larry, up and down the stairs no problem as if nothing ever happened! Part of me is thinking he was putting it on a little bit for attention but either way I’m just so relieved that he is okay. It seems like he just pulled a muscle or twisted his leg somehow but it really made me realize how easily our beloved pets can get an injury – my mind was jumping to amputation and all sorts! Because he looks like a pup I think we forget that he’s actually in his senior years now at 10 years old, and he just needs to take it a little easier – not as much jumping up and down from the sofa for Prince!


Im very interested in starting to feed him (and future dogs we get) a grain free diet. Using real cooked or raw meat with some veg – its supposed to be amazing for their health and coat. Yes, it might be a little more expensive than a box of for food is every month but I’m reading so much about the crap thats inside dry dog food and it doesn’t make sense for them to be eating something thats pretty much a filler with no nutrients. Will it make his tummy funny if we change his diet all of a sudden? If anyone knows anything about this please, please comment below and let me know your thoughts!!!


My skin. I AM SO MAD AT MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wrote a LONG post that you can read here about my 10 part skin care routine as I have been trying so hard since January to clear up my skin and make a huge effort to clear up the issues I have. And guess what? I undid all my hard work with just 1 product, Gutted. I know a 10 part skin routine seems excessive but its only that long 1 or 2 days a week when I exfoliate, use Silver Powder etc, the rest of the time its just makeup remover, cleanse, tone, serum, eye cream, moisturizer. Manageable!


Basically I was gifted a product a while back that was already open – I have no idea how long it had been open before it got to me but I know that the product usually comes with a seal underneath the lid – with the exfoliating pads soaked inside. It didn’t have the seal at all and I don’t want to mention which product or brand it was because the skin reaction I had was absolutely no reflection on the product itself, It had clearly just gone past its use by date. If you didn’t know that skin products and makeup had use by dates they are super easy to find but I don’t think its something that anybody really takes much notice of – until something goes wrong and you realize why! This product had a 6 month life, I had owned it longer than this and god knows how long the seal had been opened before that, so the ingredients had all turned even though the smell and feel of the exfoliating pads were exactly as they should be. After just 2 days of using the product I completely broke out my cheeks, up the side of my face and a little bit in-between my eyebrows too. Really, its my own fault, as soon as I saw that the product seal had been removed I should have stayed clear but I didn’t, and now I have paid the price!


The date you see on the product is usually in months, and it is from the time you first use the product, or it is opened and exposed to air. After the specified time frame the product will loose potency and the ingredients will start to, in effect, go off. I know that my skin is suffering from a skin reaction at the moment because the break out isn’t like normal spots. I have flared up with teeny little pimples that are very white and when you pop them there is no pus or sebum but its more like a little blister, like they are filled with water (I know you shouldn’t squeeze but my face was literally covered in white bumps!). The skin is also quite sore to touch.


When you suffer from a skin reaction its easy to be like ‘Thats it! I’m not using anything on my skin until its gone!’ Wrong. If your skin care routine was working just fine before you added in that product, remove that product, and carry on as you were before. If what you were doing was working then why would you stop when you get a reaction or breakout? You need to keep doing what you were before to fix what is happening now! I know I have said before that sometimes if you use a new product you might have a little breakout and that is usually the product bringing the crap to the surface to get rid of it, but trust me, if its a reaction you will know about it straight away, its totally different!

As usual I have rambled too much right? I was going to write about CRUFTS in this post too but I think I’m going to stop here and put that into its own post. 3 posts in a row with dog related content – sorry!


Hope you’re having a lovely week, I have a few holiday days off work this week so a nice 6 day break for me! Lots of writing to be done so I can line them up and hopefully have more regular content.

Love, Chelsea xxx

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    March 14, 2018 at 18:24

    Im so happy Prince is getting better! I also love how cosy your home is looking now! Xx

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      March 14, 2018 at 21:07

      Me toooo! Poor little sausage. And thankyou! It’s feeling like home now, constant candle lighting so it smells like our home too! Xxx

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