WINTER IS HERE – Wishlist/Needlist! Topshop, ASOS, Missguided, UGG, Burberry, Kurt Geiger and More!

November 25, 2017

Im not going to lie, I am not a winter person. I just don’t feel like I was supposed to be born into a cold climate! It makes me genuinely angry and upset if I’m too cold and it takes me so, so long to get used to the cold. I don’t like the snow, well actually, I like it to look at…but I have absolutely no interest in going outside when it snows (unless you’re skiing, thats different). My mum even says that when it snowed the first time when I was little she wrapped me up warm and was super excited to see my reaction to snow for the first time. She says I stepped outside and said “oh. Can I go back inside now?’, no enthusiasm about the snow what so ever!


I feel like with England having such drab weather all my clothes are for an ‘ok’ climate. Not too hot and not too cold, just a constant need for some warmth and layers but always just being ‘ok’. Obviously I have separate clothes for going out and for holidays but just general day to day we’re talking jeans, t-shirts, long sleeved tops, jumpers – nothing too interesting! So when the UK decides to get tropical it takes me by surprise, but holiday clothes and cami’s to the rescue! However it always seems to shock me how cold it gets every. single. winter. WHY? I think I subconsciously don’t want to spend loads of money on warm clothes because I don’t want to have to need them. But lets face it, England is cold AF right now and its only going to get worse.

So, heres my winter wishlist!


I recently lost my fav scarf in a taxi… tragic. So thats first on the list! There are 3 scarves I have my eye on that are all affordable, aaaaaand then a Burberry one which is more of a lust item!

ASOS £12 super soft long woven scarf with tassels

Pieces £20 colour block scarf, on ASOS

Pieces £16 ribbed oversized blanket scarf, on ASOS

ALDO £25 Onalilia check scarf, on ASOS

Burberry £195 fringed check wool scarf


I had to borrow Jack’s mums UGG gloves to walk home the other night and I literally haven’t stopped thinking about them! They are an absolute splurge but one day I’m going to have to do it…

UGG £125 sheepskin C turn cuff gloves (currently £100 for Black Friday weekend) I don’t know which colour I would choose, but I am an ‘all black everything’ kinda girl so probably the black!


Accessorize £22 zip tassel suede gloves (currently £16.50 for Black Friday weekend)


Whenever I look for coats I always find it really difficult because I’m constantly draw to the ones that are designed to look nice, but not to keep you warm. I have to make a conscious effort to check myself before I end up ordering 3 new coats that are going to let me freeze!

So, I’ve just realised all of the coats I’ve chosen are black! I already have a green bomber jacket, a nude trench coat with black detailing and a black felt waterfall blazer which I wear if I’m going out and need a ‘nice’ jacket, but it isn’t very warm. So even though they are all the most basic colour, I need a warm black coat that I can wear with everything!

River Island £70 faux fur biker collar coat

Adidas Originals £80 slim fit jacket, at Topshop

Topshop £79 faux shearling cropped biker jacket

ASOS £45 ultimate anorak with contrast trims. You’re probably wondering why this one is in the mix considering it doesn’t looks very warm! But it will be perfect in spring when its not particularly cold but it is drizzly. I love going camping and walking too so it will be great for that.


oldie but goodie!

Missguided £65 puffer aviator jacket

Missguided £35 oversized waterfall duster coat

Missguided £35 waterfall shearling jacket


If you were to ask Jack he would say I definitely don’t need any more shoes. If you were to ask me I will tell you I neeeeeeeed some more boots… it is getting cold after all.

River Island £85 leather curved heel pointed ankle boots

River Island £42 pointed toe bock heel ankle boots

Topshop £59 ‘dollar’ high leg boots

Carvela Kurt Geiger £139 £95.20 ‘polly’ black flat knee boots

Nine West £109 £63.20 chipper black high heel ankle boots

Carvela Kurt Geiger £169 £135.20 slept black mid heel ankle boots

Timberland £130 slim premium 6 inch boots black nubuck, exclusive to Office

Hope you like my wish list!

Love, Chelsea xxx

Do you have any of the items on my wishlist? If so would you recommend them? Which pieces are your favorites? I can’t decide which to purchase, help me!

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    November 28, 2017 at 16:38

    Omg I am loving all of these items! But my favourite is definitely the Missguided waterfall shearling jacket! xx

    • Reply
      November 28, 2017 at 20:10

      Thanks! I loooove that jacket, I am so bad for choosing all black every time though! Xx

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